yoursolace (yoursolace) wrote in lion_lamb,

Edward/Bella - PG-13 - When The Final Rattle Rocks Its Empty Cage

Title: When The Final Rattle Rocks Its Empty Cage.
Fandom: Twilight.
Pairing: Edward/Bella.
Rating: PG-13.
Authors: apresmoi and yoursolace.
Chapter: 2/???
Universe: The Coming Storm (Fic Master List).
Summary: The change from human to vampire goes successfully. But when Bella wakes up, her power leaves her crippled as they come on, fast and destructive. Edward and Bella fight to bring her back to herself.

Chapter Excerpt: "Rosalie—" The snarl that had been slowly curling into the back of his throat since her intrusion exploded from his mouth. I won't let you drive me out of my house so you can finally fuck her the way you've been fantasizing about, Edward.

chapter onechapter two
Tags: fanfiction
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