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on Chris Weitz

I was doing this anyway--reading up on the man--so I thought to post it here. Note that whether or not he will be at the helm of New Moon/Eclipse is STILL up in the air; meanwhile, let's brush up a bit on our info before we tear our hair out, shall we? 

The Good:
produced Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
produced In Good Company

director and screenwriter of About A Boy
- he was nominated for a slew of prestigious awards (Oscar, Bafta) for his screenplay 
- note that the screenplay was adapted from Nick Hornby's novel

screenwriter of Antz
- received lots of accolades for this, too

The Not-so-Good:

director and screenwriter of The Golden Compass, which bombed in the U.S. 
- (but let me just insert that I thought the special effects were quite magnificent, and definitely several notches higher than what we got in Twilight, though I'm not sure what the director has to do with the effects)
- mixed information here: some sources say that it was New Line that botched up the movie (but that the director's cut was good); some say Weitz was essentially locked out of the editing room because he couldn't handle all the CGI

produced American Pie
- which may be good or bad, depending on how you view American Pie (incidentally, this got better reviews than Twilight in Rotten Tomatoes. Whatever.)

There's a whole lot of other stuff, look it up in YahooIMDB, Wikipedia (which has more interesting tidbits on Compass and uh, Peter Jackson)

My view is that all directors have their share of fresh and rotten tomatoes, so he is no exception. He seems to have experience with screen adaptations of novels, both good (in About A Boy; Nick and Norah) and not-so-good (The Golden Compass); he seems to have experience with movies about youth and relationships (About A Boy; In Good Company; Nick and Norah; American Pie); he seems to have experience with "blockbuster" movies requiring major special effects (The Golden Compass). The latter may not have been very successful, but one can learn from experience...?

So folks, does this information console you, terrify you, or make you go "meh"? And do you honestly think that Summit can do better than this guy?

Okay, I'm done.

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