Julianna (nastey) wrote in lion_lamb,

"How do I get Kristen Stewart's look?"

kristen Stewart is a different side of the typical California-girl coin—her look is enviably effortless, though unlike many of her super-girly starlet peers, this ingenue sticks to a muted color palette and streamlined silhouettes, all of which play on her more gothic type of glamour. To snag Kristen's everyday look, keep the clothing simple: Try a pair of dark skinny jeans and a long white tank, but load up on fun accessories like an armful of bangles and a big, chunky necklace. When hitting the red carpet, Kristen favors the classic Little Black Dress, yet keeps things interesting by varying the style—from T-shirt to tent-shape with a cinched waist—and adding an unexpected accoutrement like a leather bomber jacket. Whatever you do, remember to stick to pieces you'll feel cozy in; that's what makes this actress's style chic but comfortable.

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