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KStew talks about Rpattz!

I don't know if this has been posted but its really cute! 

ETA: Source = GirlfriendMag which is an Aussie mag. The scan is below. =)

In Twilight you work with Robert Pattinson who plays a character described as "the most beautiful guy in the world." Do you agree?

I find Rob to be a beautiful man. Objectively speaking (laughs). He has a beautiful soul too.

Is it true Rob is quite shy?

Yeah, a little bit. He's very unassuming. He's so tall and imposing, but very sweet. It's funny to see Rob playing the most beautiful guy on the planet because he is such a down-to-earth person. He's not pretty, that's the thing. He's not delicate looking. He's very strong looking. Put it this way, he's not the sort of guy who would go home and stare at a mirror. 


Is Rob the kind of guy you would usually like to date?

Rob? Ummmm, I don't really have a specific guy.

What's a trait that a guy has to have for you to be interested in him?

I like a guy who looks like they're thinking about something. Rob is definitely that type of guy. I'm always like, "What are you thinking about?"
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