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Fanfic | Crossing the line | Chapter 3

Title: Crossing the line
Author: Noelle / whoremosexual
Characters/Pairing: Edward and Bella. Some of the others will show their faces.
Rating: M/ NC-17
Category: Drama & Angst
Warnings: AU-AH, Sightly OOC, and lemons
Summary:"There is a thin line in the pavement of our friendship and we crossed it." Can an affair be right if it's with your best friend?
Notes: A big thanks to spread_the_fun for being my beta!

Read it here or over at ff.net . Or start from the beginning here


Pure ecstasy.

That’s what last night was.

I didn't want to open my eyes, but when I couldn't feel Edward's body next to mine I unwillingly opened them. And there I saw him, walking back to the bed – naked. His bare form made me instantly wet.

“Did I wake you?” Edward asked as he sat down on the bed.

I sat up, pressing the bed sheet against my naked chest “No, I needed to get up anyways.” I couldn't help but smile. His reddish-brown hair was like a haystack, and all I wanted to do was ran my fingers through it. And that's what I did. I slid my fingers through his crazy sex hair and Edward gently closed his eyes as a low moan came out of his mouth.

We needed to talk. We needed to see what comes next in our friendship. I needed to call Mike so he doesn't freak out. I needed to do a lot of things, but my body had other ideas. I took a hold of his hair, pulling him closer to me. His hot breath filled my mouth before our lips touched.

Edward's lips barely brushed mine when he moved out of my grip.

“Bella,” He placed his hands on each side of my face “We really should talk before that happens again.”

I whimpered out loud. I didn't want Edward to be a gentleman right now. I needed him to be a sex-crazed man and make me moan his name again. I moved my body closer to him, exposing my naked body. I could see Edward's body tense up, but I knew he needed this as much as I did.

“Come on, Edward. We can talk about our feelings later.” I tried to kiss him again but he took a hold of my hips, keeping me where I was.

“You have no idea how much I want” He closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath “to be in you right now, but if we don't talk about this now, we will regret it.”

I knew he was right. I groaned in defeat.

Edward let out a small growl. I looked at him to see that he was staring at my bare body.

“Can we please talk with our clothes on?” Edward asked.

I had half a mind to tell him 'no'. If we were going to talk and not have sex, I was going to be bare ass naked. But I needed to be smarter. There was so much on the line right now that me being stubborn wouldn't help anyone.

As I slipped on last night's clothes, I noticed Edward was looking at me. And it wasn't because my top wasn't on, he was looking at my face. There was some kind of pained look on his face and I couldn't understand why. I knew he didn't regret it because if he did, he wouldn’t want to talk about it. He would want to move passed it. Seventeen years of friendship let me know how Edward felt. When he faked a smile, I knew. This wasn't regret. This was some kind of agony.

I pulled my top over my head. I stood in front of Edward, taking his hands into mine.

“Edward, everything is going to be ok.” I told him, even though I didn't fully believe it myself.

“If only it was that easy.” Edward let go of my hands then walked towards the kitchen.

I followed behind him, knowing what the right thing was to say but just wanting to say what I felt. Well, if I'm going to hell anyways, why not do what I want.

“Why can't it be? We don't have to make it weird, or even...stop.”

Edward looked at me with that same damn look on his face. When he didn’t say anything, I continued talking.

“I will always need you as my best friend. I can’t do anything without you by my mind. Last night we crossed the line, I know that, but I need you” I could feel tears wanting to escape from my eyes. Could I take it if Edward didn't want hit repeat on last night? “that way again. I don't think I could stop wanting-” I couldn't talk anymore because Edward kissed me feverishly. Our lips moved at a fast pace as I took a handfuls on his shirt. He wrapped his arm around my waist, lifting me off the ground.

Edward let go of my lips. His green eyes burned into mine. God, he was so beautiful. I always thought he was handsome or a good-looking guy, but I'm not just looking at him as my friend anymore. He is my lover. Maybe we need to have sex a couple more times before I could give him that name, but now I can add something to list. Friend, savior, defender, and lover.

After our little make-out session in the kitchen, we sat down on the sofa. We didn't sit close together, fearing we’d never able to stop from jumping one another. I sat at one end and Edward on the other side. I kept biting my bottom lip as he continued to run his fingers through his hair. This could only mean one thing. We were both nervous.



“You know this won't end well, right?” Edward didn't look at me when he said that.

I had to stop myself from letting tears come down. I wanted so badly for this work out, but how could it? Edward and I were both seeing other people. I didn't want to hurt Mike and I knew he didn't want to hurt Tanya. We had been friends since we were children and our families became close, too. Yes, there's a good chance they would be ok with it, but what if we started to date and it ended badly? Would we be able to stay friends for our love ones? But what if we could still do this and not hurt anyone for awhile at least?

“We could prolong it.” I simply told him.

Edward looked at me “What?”

“People are going to get hurt, no matter when the truth comes out. We could prolong it. Keep doing what we did last night ,but keep going along with our life. I will stay with Mike and you with Tanya. Everyone will still think we are just friends.” Wow. Did my heart just freeze over?

“Delay the mess.” Edward ran his hand over his face.





The deal was simple. We would keep sleeping with each other but tell no one. I will stay with Tanya, and she with Mike. Nobody will know what is happening, and we will try our hardest to make sure they don't find out. Bella and I know the truth would come out someday, and we will face it together when that time comes. Even though it was pretty simple, it was giving me a headache. I knew I wanted Bella in my bed, but on the other hand, I didn't want to hurt anyone. I'm not Mike's number one fan, but I knew how it felt to find out the girl you love is sleeping with someone else. It wasn't a pleasant feeling. And there's Tanya. I didn't love her; I knew that to be true. In my long list of relationships I had only truly loved two women. One cheated and the other realized she didn't feel the same way. But I do care for her. She was so much like me, like the girl version of myself. A perfect evening to us was me playing my piano as she looked through a magazine. We didn't need to say anything. There was no talking about our feelings. If we wanted to fuck, we fucked. If we wanted to kiss, we kissed. Our relationship was simpler than this deal I made with Bella.

The day went by a blur. I wanted more than anything to call Bella, or even go over to her apartment. But I thought it would be better if I gave her time to think about all of this. I knew I needed a minute to process it all.

I kept myself busy by working on my music. Music was my life. When I wasn't with my loved ones or working at Lou's coffee shop, I was writing, playing, or listening to music. My favorite thing to do was play my baby grand piano. I heard I was good at playing, but I just thought I was ok.

When the evening started to show itself, I heard a knock on my front door. I opened the door to see Bella. Her hands were fisted at her side as she let me see a little smile.

“Hey,” I greeted her.

“Hi,” Bella said back.

I opened the door wider so she can walk in. I wanted to touch her, kiss her the second I watched her walk into my apartment. But before I could even think about it, Bella asked.

“Is Tanya coming over tonight?”


“So we’re going to be alone” It wasn't question. It was a statement.

I took a hold of her hips, pulling her closer to myself. We both wore the same smirk as our lips found each other again. As we walked towards my bed, we started to take off our clothes, never releasing each other's lips.

I gently pushed her on my bed. I wanted to taste Bella in a different way. After I slipped off her underwear, I put my head in between her legs. I looked up at her before I buried myself into her. She was looking at me with lust in her eyes.

My tongue darted inside of Bella. Her wetness grew as I worked on her. Her moaning made me go faster, wanting nothing more to keep hearing it. Bella tasted amazing, like I knew she would. How could this be real? How could she taste so fucking sweet?

When Bella came, my name fell out of her mouth.

I could get used to this.
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