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Just my recap from the melbourne twicon. Pictures included.

[Before you read this please DO NOT ask the following:
-I will not show you the footage of the Q&A or the after party. It’s personal and private and I respect them being so open to us all and I respect there privacy.
-Do not steal my photos. Self explanatory
-Please don’t ask me to elaborate on certain areas. If I didn’t elaborate it’s for a reason. Like I said. I respect their privacy.
-If you have a problem in something that they said or did. I don’t care and don’t want to hear about it. They are genuinely very nice people and you didn’t meet them therefore you cannot judge them.

Okay, now you can read. Thank you :)]

On the 7th of December 2008 I went to Twicon in Melbourne from 9am-5pm. I started my morning waking up just before 5am after having less then 4 hours sleep. I got ready in a daze being too excited and I was trying to control my excitement on the way there. It was held at the Melbourne University in the theatre center. I arrived at 8am and lucky the line hadn’t really started yet as there was about less then 20 people there. After a few people arrived we formed a line (thank god I was near the start) after an hour of standing in line due to the fact I got there too early we were finally entered in. We got our tickets at the front table so we had to present our receipts to the Hub production people. By this point I had no idea how to react. After around an hour of walking around, getting my seat and buying a poster for my sister I had to get a ticket to get a photo with Taylor Lautner as it wasn’t included in my VIP ticket (for reason unknown) while I was waiting, who would walk down the stairs but NIKKI REED AND TAYLOR LAUTNER! There were a few people in the lobby with me and no one screamed. We all looked at them in awe. Once they were gone you could hear all the ‘omgds!’ and gasp from onlookers. I myself was like ‘…was that just…wait. it WAS! Nikki and Taylor!’ At 9.30 it was scheduled to take pictures with the guest (Nikki Reed, Taylor Lautner and Edi Gethegi) I was in row B seat 10 (second row from the front) so I went pretty early. During this time they played behind the scenes footage from the movie, Along with interviews from each character and some outtakes.

When they finally called my row I went out to the lobby and waited in line. I went to the line for Taylor first; I didn’t wait for very long. When I peeked around the wall I almost stopped breathing. He was GORGEOUS! When it was my turn to take a picture with him I ran up and gave him a massive bear hug and he gave me one back! I said “Hey Taylor! So nice to meet you!” his reply was “Hey, Nice to meet you to!” he wrapped his arm around my waist and placed his head on the top of mine (I think a part of me died happily at that moment) we smiled for a photo and I gave him another hug before I left to line up for a picture with Nikki. My friend Bonnie was already in line so I just lined up with her. She went before me and I remember just standing there waiting and seeing that Nikki Reed was in front of me. She has been my idol since I was 10. So to see her, like 2 meters away from me in the flesh was AMAZING! When it was my turn I walked up to her and gave her a bear hug too and she was happy to give me one back. I said to her “Hey Nikki. Can I just say I LOVED you in the movie thirteen! I saw it was I was like 10 and loved it ever since” her reaction was “you were ten!” and she started laughing. I said “yeah I was ten” she said (still laughing) “Did your parents know?” I said “No me and my friend locked my bedroom door” she just laughed and said thank me for being supportive of her all these years. She hugged me in tight for a photo and we smiled. I gave her another hug and left to go back into the auditorium.

I watched the rest of the behind the scenes/interviews as that went for about an hour. Once that was done they were calling for pictures with Edi. Again they called Row by Row. When I went out to line up I wasn’t as anxious to meet him. I was never really a fan of him, but my impression of him soon changed. I walked up to him and gave him a big hug he said “Hey Shorty” I laughed and he bent down to take a picture with me. I said thank you and gave him hug then went back into the auditorium. Time passed and all the pictures were soon all taken.

We began with a Q&A with Edi Gathegi first. He was a really really (and I mean really) funny guy. He did impersonations for us. He even did Kelly! (If you don’t know the story of Kelly I’m not explaining it) He made us all close our eyes and he did the voice. MY GOD! I was in stitches when he did. It really did sound like a girl. He also did the poom poom voice. (It’s the funniest thing) I took a few pictures and some video footage then I just sat back and listened. He told us his reaction when he first met Stephenie Meyer at comic con. He told us he made a fool of himself because he was so nervous to meet her. I thought that was too cute and we asked him if had tasted vegemite before and he said yes…and it tasted really bad! Then he told us the story of how he fooled Taylor into eating it. He walked up to Taylor and said “You have to try this vegemite! It tastes so good! You have to put it on your toast really thick though” Taylor fell for his trick and put the vegemite on really really thickly. While Taylor was putting on the vegemite he was asking the people around him at the time “are you sure it taste good?” there all like being genuine and saying “yeah! It taste so good, promise” (story finished in Taylor’s Q&A) The Q&A for Edi lasted an hour and the whole time I was laughing so hard. I had tears rolling down my face.

Then came Nikki Reed for her Q&A. She told us how she got her tongue pierced at 11 years old! And how she had to bleach her skin and hair to play Rosalie but then her hair started falling out and she had to wear a wig half way through the movie. She told us about her past movies she has been in and how she always plays the ‘bitch’ and one day she would love to play the sweet innocent girl next door role. She even told us about her and Kristen Stewart’s friendship with each other. I thought it was adorable! She told us some stories of the stuff her and Kristen have gotten up to and I loved how she was so open. Her Q&A lasted an hour to and she was so happy in answering all of the questions. When Taylor came everyone screamed like crazy. Before Nikki finished her Q&A she said to us that Taylor get’s nervous doing these and Nikki has to be in the room for him. My heart melted. He came out and Nikki gave him the microphone and a hug. Then left to get a jacket and came back.

Taylor seemed really relaxed during his. He told us about the wig he wears in the movie and the craziest fan moments his had. One of them he told us about was when the twilight cast was On the Hot Topic Tour. He started singing someone’s poster when the girl said to Taylor “you have such a nice neck!” then took her poster and walked off. Taylor looked at her like ‘uh…WHAT!” and Edi Gathegi was sitting next to him and Edi leaned in over to Taylor and said “uhm...Did she just say you had a nice neck?” (He really did have a nice neck though) hahaha. Someone ask Taylor if he would do a back flip for us. And he said no but then Nikki cut in and started begging Taylor to. Then we al started chanted so he gave in and did it anyway. It was awesome as! He said he would only do one >.< Then we asked him about vegemite and if he liked it. He pulled a disgusted face and said it tasted so bad! He hates it. But he said he will try it again and not put it on as thick.

After the individual Q&As the three cast members did one together. They seemed to have a lot of fun together and looked really close. Edi did a Michael Jackson impersonation for us and even danced. Again I was LMAOing. We all begged Taylor to do another back flip and his like ‘I only promised one!’ and Nikki was like ‘Awwh! Come on. Again!’ He caved in :) but he added something extra this time. Someone in the audience asked if the guys will take their shirts off. Taylor said we all have to wait till New moon and Edi just looked over to Nikki and said “yeah Nikki, take your shirt off” We all laughed when ever he spoke haha.

After the Q&As were done they call for Platinum and VIP tickets to get their autographs. I went out and we had to find our pictures on these tables. My pictures turned out really good (except I look horribly next to Nikki lol) I waited in line and got my autograph from Edi First. He said the photo looked really good and he signed it for me. It says ‘To Jelena! Edi Gathegi (love heart) Best wishes.” I thanked him and went up to the next table to where Nikki was. She gave me a huge smile when she saw me. She saw the photo and she said “oh no! Look at my hair!” she pointed to a part near her head were her hair was sticking out “I look so bad! My hair’s like sticking out. You look cute though!” she said. I said to her “what! Nikki you look gorgeous” then she said “Promise me will take another one at the after party” I was happy to promise that. I told her my name and she said she loved my name then she signed my picture and it said “To Jelena. Lots of Love! Nikki Reed.” I thanked her and then went up to Taylor’s table. His all like “hey!” I gave him a smile back. He signed it and it says “Jelena. Taylor Lautner” then he drew a poor print for me. He imprinted on me XD (…in a way haha) Then I said while he was signing my photo “Can I ask you a question?” he said “yeah sure!” and looked up at me and smiled and I said “Seeming as your sixteen and still in school. How does school life treat you? Like do people treat you differently at school?” He said “well all my life I’ve always gone to a public school. But this year i tested out of high school and now I take college classes over the internet” then I asked him about a video I saw from his media class on YouTube I said “Oh and I saw this video on YouTube and on your MySpace from your media class to the song apologize” His like “oh serious?!” I asked him when it was done and he said last then, then I said it was really good and he thanked me then I left back into the auditorium.

By that time it was almost 5pm and the convention was almost finished (not for me!) after awhile Bonnie Lauren and I left and went to a 7/11 where I bought Taylor some Milo and Lauren and Bonnie bought them all a Caramelo Koala. We left and started to go to the hotel to where the cocktail party was at then we walked passed an Australian shop. I bought Nikki this thing you stick in your car and it says ‘I love Melbourne’.

We finally got to the hotel and got changed and got all prettied up (lol) Taylor came walking through the hotel lobby and I said “Hey Taylor” he said hi back and I said I had something to give him. So he walked over and I walked up to him and I said “I wrote you this letter and I bought you some Milo” he said “Oh thanks! I’ve actually heard of this stuff.” He looked at the tin then said to me “so how do I use it?” I laughed and said “well you get like a cup then you get a spoon and get as many spoonfuls of Milo as you want and put it in the cup. Then you get milk and fill it up to the top then you stir it until the Milo mixes in with the milk.” Then he said “So what does it taste like?” I said it taste really chocolaty and he asked if it’s better then vegemite I said “I promise you it taste ten times better then vegemite” He took my word for it then when upstairs.

[This part is going to be really vague. SORRY!]

When we went up to the hotel room for the cocktail party we all had some pizza and talked to a few people. It was really hot in the room so Bonnie, Lauren, Niki (not Nikki reed) and I all sat out in the hallway. That, and so we can wait to see the guest arrive :). We sat out there and talked about the books and our experiences so far then Nikki, Taylor and Edi popped around the corner. When Nikki saw me she said “I promised you that photo!” I walked up to her and said “oh I wrote you this letter and I bought you this” I gave her the car thing and she laughed and said it was really cute. She asked if my email address was on my letter and I said it was. She promised to me she will reply to my letter. Then we took a photo and she hugged me in tight again and we had to check the picture to see if her hair was okay. It was :). And Bonnie also bought the Australian flag and we made everyone sign it from the convention (well most of the people anyway) and we gave it to Taylor when he arrived. We told him he should put it up on his bedroom wall haha.

There was about 30-40 people there and we all just hung out and Taylor, Nikki and Edi were really easy going. It was really annoying being in the room so some of us hung out in the hall and they were happy to stand out there with us. Bonnie and I kept asking Edi to do impersonations for us. He would ask us what we wanted to hear and we would tell him. He did like a British accent then we asked him to do Kelly again but he said that it was boring and to ask for another one. So we asked him to do Chip. But we ended up talking about potato chips. He said it was odd how we call French Fries ‘Chips’ and then we started seeing what we said differently to them. Taylor was there to. Bonnie Taylor Edi and I started having like this odd conversation about talking (lol) we said how they say YouTube funny. Then they asked how we said it and were like ‘youchube’ and I said how they say the ‘T’ in tube funny. And so they were trying to say YouTube how we say it. So there we were. Taylor, Bonnie and Edi and i saying YouTube again and again. It was funny stuff :) Then I asked Taylor if we sounded odd to them and his like” You sound different. Do I sound odd?” and I said “haha, yeah. You say things like different to us.” Then we started talking Ozzy slang and teaching them some stuff. It was funny watching them try. They did a good job though :)

I had a little one on one with Nikki Reed that I truly will never ever forget. We just spoke about some stuff and she was so sweet to me. She gave me so many hugs and kept saying how adorable and cute I was. She promised me again to reply to my letter and she asked if I had seen the movie. I said I loved it and it was everything I thought it would be. She thanked me again for being so supportive of her and again, gave me another hug. Oh and Edi stole my camera haha. He then recorded him doing a Laurent voice and talking about something totally random. But when he was stealing my camera we were standing out in the hall and he like kept looking back to me and said “I’m watching you” then went around the corner and I was like “….you stole my camera” haha When he came back I listened to it and I burst out laughing and said “what are you talking about?” he just laughed with me. And he also stole my glasses. He took them off my face and tried them on hahaha. But he looks so funny with them on!

I also met Taylor’s dad. He was really sweet and we just asked him like daddy questions. He answered our questions and he was really easy going to. We asked if he read the books and he said that is half way through Eclipse. He stayed for a bit then left to go back to his room.

This was seriously the best day of my life. I will never ever forget these moments and the stuff we spoke about. Sorry for not going into a lot of detail. But there also personal experiences that I would like to keep to myself. Thanks for reading!

Edi Gathegi and i. He was seriously an awesome guy.

Nikki Reed and i. I look terrible in this picture. But can you see that piece of hair sticking out? i think it looks fine :)

He was too gorgeous for words. See his head? hahhhaa.

Edi with my glasses on :)

This was after i gave her my letter and gift. She was so sweet. AH! i love her :)

uh. YUM!

Bonnie and i kissed him. CHEYA! best moment ever! :D:D
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