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The Search For Myself : Chapter 8 : ...Lies A More Destined Path

Story: The Search For Myself : Edward & Bella
Update: Chapter 8 - ...Lies A More Destined Path
[continuence from Ch 7 cliffhanger]
Rated: T for now for cursing, mainly [Mature later for sexual content]
General Spoilers: None aware of

Story Breakdown: What if Bella and Edward's roles were reversed, leaving Bella the Vampire and Edward the Human? As predicaments change and situations become harder, will their fate still be destined or will unexpected plans change their lives... forever?

Chapter Breakdown: Do they kiss?? Does Bella tell Edward that she is a vampire?? What happens? Read to find out. ;)

Chapter Spoiler/Sneak Peek: He waited until I was steady and able to open my eyes, which took a little while. We breathed in and out together simulaneously, as if we were timed that way.

"Bella..." He penetrated, soaking me with his soft voice. "Would it be alright if I kissed you?"

Those hypnotizing words, which were gradual as a teardrop, bounced around my head on repeat like a ticking time bomb. They were still fresh from his ruby lips, milking my every emotion until I was dry.

I couldn't open my eyes.
I couldn't breathe.
I couldn't think.
And I most definetly couldn't move.

I was paralyzed.

Tags: fanfiction
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