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Your Guardian Angel (Chapter 12)

Title: Your Guardian Angel (Chapter 12)
Rating: PG-17(for now)
: No spoilers
: It's focused on Edward/Bella of course,but there would be some Alice/Jasper,Emmet/Rosalie
Category: Drama/Romantic
: Edward Cullen died in a horrible accident. While he was sleeping with Bella a fire started, the whole house was burning, he saved her, but he couldn’t save himself. Before he goes to heaven, he has a chance to help his one and only love.
Disclaimer: I am not SM obviously she owns the characters.I am not a writter,my english ain't perfect and I mostly write this story because I love Edward and Bella and I want to read more of them.
Bella's POV.

Chapter 12:  I am sorry it took me so long to uptade,but my life is pretty hectic lately so I didn't really find the time.But here I am with a new chapter=D Please read it and give me your reviews<3

Huge thanks to my betas Laura(Count2Five) from Lost Forum and especially to</a></b></a>sugartwin2  for all her help and enthusiasm about the story,without you,there would be no story♥ 

Previous chapters HERE
Be strong @pink_eagle17 
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