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pink bullets.

And the last of my three posts.
I hope I will once again have time to write, but please don't get your hopes up.
This one was meant to be longer, so maybe.....

TITLE: Pink Bullets
AUTHOR: Taylor (acousticmuse on LJ, Shakespeare's Song on FF)
SUMMARY: This was supposed to be a muti-chapter story about the 48 hours Bella was asleep after Volterra. However, I only got one chapter done. If I ever get my act together...perhaps I'll write more. This is Edward's perspective, first person.
DISCLAIMER: Finally, I am not Stephenie Meyer, and how saddening that is.

Pink Bullets.

Links to my previous two fanfic posts (both are very short):
Crawling Toward the Sun - Edward being his angsty self.
Paint the Silence - between a mother and her son.

Comments are love and happiness!

Tags: fanfiction
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