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Title: Preparation
Author: elaborationlove
Fandom: Twilight
Characters: Edward, a yellow Porsche
Rating: G
Genre: Angst
Summary: Edward hides in the shadows of the clock tower in Volterra.
Author's Notes: None.
Beta Credit: None.
Warning: New Moon spoilers...
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Word Count: 429

Edward stood by the clock tower in Volterra, Italy. His shaking hand wandered from the shadow and glittered briefly before he shielded it from the sun again. The crowd was growing quiet as more and more red flags were run into the sky with sacred enthusiasm. Edward grimaced.

”Alice saw Bella jump off a cliff, Edward…”

His hands tightened into fists, he breathed through his teeth. The only sounds now were the occasional shrieks of children and a crying baby here and there. He wished, briefly, that he could remember being a child. His memory of his life before the age of twelve was blurry and vague. Edward traced the carvings in the stone on the tower as he tried to remember. Nothing came to him.

The crowd started a collective murmur which Edward supposed was a prayer. Many of the women in the street wore red headdresses and the men were mostly dressed entirely in red. A few of the non-traditionalists had dyed their head red. Edward cringed at the thought of Bella dying her hair.

The one thing about the people of Volterra was their skin was quite pale. Edward, of course, did not fit in perfectly, but no one asked him any questions. For the past few days, he had been able to live in peace. It was ironic, because here he was, intending to create a disruption that would make him top headlines all over the world.

Edward sighed, waiting for the people to get closer together. The more people, the better this would work. And if it didn’t work…no. He wouldn’t think like that. There was always a possibility that it would. Bella had already told him that. She would, of course, be in heaven at this point; Edward was sure of it. The question was if he could get there. He might already have a no-go from the Big Guy Upstairs. Since meeting Bella, Edward had been very careful not to be a bother to anyone or to misbehave at all. Bella didn’t know that Edward figured he might as well as long as she thought he had a chance, and he was glad now, that he didn’t tell her.

The sun peeked around the corner of the tower. Edward felt the warmth of the sun through his black shoe. Dammit, this better work.

The sun was nearly the highest it would get. Edward prepared himself with what little time he had left. He took a step forward, revealing the lower half of his pant leg.

A yellow Porsche barreled up the street.

Tags: fanfiction

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