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Fan Fiction
Title:Some people roam this world alone.
Author: Melissa Ann
Characters/Pairing: None just yet
Category: Twilight Series
Spoilers: Yes
Summary: Bella, Renee, Charlie( Charlies Family), The Cullens, Forks, Phoenix, Billy, Jacob, The Pack.

What if Bella, wasnt the prey, what if she was the predator, and Edward was the prey?
Edward and the cullens are still vampires(in this story), bella is human, Werewolves are who they are in the book.
Im giving my own twist to the story, actually a very big twist, I dont want to describe it really here, because itll give it away.
Please read anyway, and give me feedback(good or bad, just be polite and nice about it:))
I do not own any of the characters, they belong to the very wonderful, and talented Mrs Meyer.

Some people, they roam this world...alone.

Chapter One:
Myths, Legends, Stories, Tales, Truth:

Myths were always a big part of my childhood. Up until I was ten my dad use to tell me stories about monsters, the stories themselves didn't scare me, it was the way my dad looked as he was telling me them, staring into something unknown,the way he would describe everything so perfectly, and so carefully, like he had been there before. He wholeheartedly wanted me to believe everything he was saying. At first I was fascinated by these tales, as any little kid would be. Not only because of what they were about, but because the stories came from my dad. The one man I looked up too. As I got older, the details become harsher and harsher, more vivid and scarier, more then anything they become real. They didnt scare me in the way you would think, they excited me and intrigued me, but they scared me to think i knew these people somehow. By this time, my mother had, had enough. I came home from fifth grade, to my bags packed, and loaded into my mothers Suv, and the Uhaul behind it. My father Charlie was the chief police officer in Forks, Washington. My mother Renee knew the perfect time to take me away would be right after school. My dad would be patrolling the schools, and such, making sure all the kids were safe. He'd never think for one minute that the one child he wouldnt be watching, would be on their way to Phoenix, Arizona.

"Isabella, grab your coat, and get into the car right away", my mother said to me as tears filled her eyes.
I knew right away not to question her logic, my mother never called me Isabella, unless something was wrong.
I was always taking care of my mom, so for her to plan, whatever it is that she had planned, without my help, or my fathers, also excited me, and scared me more then anything. I ran as fast as I could into the house, tripping and slipping, every few inches or so.
When I finally reached my bedroom, it was empty. Everything I ever owned was gone, I couldnt resist the urge to look into my parents room which was now also bare and desolated.
It only consisted of a bed, a dresser, and some other things my father owned. Tears started to welled into my eyes, but were quickly pulled back in, by the sound of my mother hitting the gas peddle. I threw my coat on as I tripped down the stairs. My mother was behind the wheel, ready to accelerate, the minute my butt hit the seat and my belt was buckled. If you knew my mother, she was worse then me. She needed to be taken care of, and I needed to take care of her. Not in the sense of, I had to take care of her or else. I wanted to take care of her, if I wasnt, I didnt feel whole, I didnt feel right.. She was clumsy, careless, adventerous, outgoing, and fun, but she had her limits, like heights, and driving fast. Today Renee was like Jeff Gordon behind the wheel, and that scared me more then I could describe, because that wasnt like her at all. I laid my head back, closed my eyes, and dozed off. I couldnt tell you exactly what happened next, or the following week. I just know that somehow we had left cold, gray, rainy, Forks, and now were in hot, sunny, Phoenix.

I remember when I had finally slipped out of my daze, I was shocked. I was in such disbelief, I was now waiting for the police to show up at the door at any minute. It never happened, they never came, and my dad never barged through the door to take me home. I couldnt understand if I was more worried, hurt, scared, lost, annoyed, mad, or relieved that my father never showed, relieved that there would never be some big over dramatic argument, per usual between my mother and my father, or for lack there of, my mother arguing with Charlie.

I was going to start at Centennial Middle School the following week.

Chapter Two:Chapter two: Yesterdays history, Todays the present, Tomorrows a mystery, Or is it yesterdays a mystery, todays a mystery, tomorrows a mystery, haha at least in my case it was.

Your probably thinking, why didnt she freak out and ask her mom, more like demand an explanation?
Sadly enough, I had seen this coming for a long time. I knew deep down inside my parents loved each other, but they hadnt been in love with each other, since right before I was born. My mom felt trapped, annoyed, exhausted, held down, and most of all bored. My mother needed to spread her wings and fly, she was in some ways, very much like a child. She couldnt stand for things when they had become redundant, and even more so, couldnt bare to stay in one place for too long. I knew even before my mother told me, that she had met someone. He was a basketball player, he was young, he was lively, outgoing, carefree, and more then anything, perfect for my mom. In her defense, she never cheated on my dad, nor did she leave him for Phil. She left for her sanity, and my safety. Phil started off as a good friend, then when we moved to Phoenix, thats when Phil and I were introduced. He lived near by, about ten minutes or so. Eventually they got engaged, about two years later, and a year after that got married. I was my moms maid of honor. I couldnt be mad at my mom, no.... no, I couldnt. Her intentions were never to hurt anyone, my mother couldnt hurt a fly if she tried, and if she did, it wasnt something she got over easily. Renee was hurting, and for a long time, she tried to hide it, how selfish of me, would it be to be mad at her? I wanted her to be happy at any cost, and now she finally was.

It was almost ten years ago, that this all happened. Id be lying if I didnt say, I saw this happening before any one else did. I knew my mother would leave my dad one day. It never crossed my mind for one minute that she would take me with her, not until Id heard my parents get into a very heated argument, or should I say Renee was in heated argument with herself, thats when I knew, no questions asked, my mother would never leave me with my father. I had learned from this argument that Renee thought Charlie was irresponsible, that he was insane. She went on, for what seemed like hours, of all the things wrong with the things my father told me, and the things he did out side the house. He never once defended himself, or got mad, which only made me even more confused. I knew deep down inside my mom wasnt intentionally trying to hurt Charlie's feelings, she was seriously worried about his mental state, and my safety. I had heard my mother say, she didnt think it was funny, that my father blamed monsters for killing his great grandmother, or that my dad and his best friend Billy spent time looking for these monsters, when they werent fishing. My mother had never talked bad about Charlie, not even after she left. The only thing she had said on the matter was, Forks wasnt a good place for a child to grow up, what with all the rain, the cold, and all the strange people there too. Renee had also made me promise I would never go back there. This is something I couldnt pretend she never said, something I couldnt pretend didnt bother me. Regardless of what my mother thought, Charlie was my father, Forks had been my home since I was born. Angela would be so worried about me, and Mike would have no one to flirt with, or annoy, well besides Jessica. Most importantly though, Jacob Black, Jacob was Billys son, my dads best friend. We had grown up together, making mud pies and eating them. I miss him more then anyone, he was my one true friend, besides Angela, thoug they, in some ways, reminded me of each other, because they were both honest,and genuine. Renee had told me that, Charlie was mentally sick, that he needed serious help. She also said, being around him would only put myself into grave danger. I nodded my head as my face was filled with shock and remorse, my heart was saddend by these statements. This time Renee got this strange look in her eyes and face, and now repeated with a serious tone. "You are not to go back to Forks". It was more of a demand, more then anything. Her reaction startled me, and made me spit out the words, "yes" even though I knew I would never keep this promise. My father was someone I had always gotten along with. I craved his stories, because to be honest, it was the time Charlie and I could have alone together. My dad was such an interesting and intelligent person, which sadly enough no one took the time to get to know. Everyone thought all my dad cared about was sports and fishing, but there was so much more to him than that. We were so much the same person, suffered in silence, were painfully shy, liked to be alone, and most of all we didnt hover, he could have his space and I could have mine. Charlie was insanely protective though, as long as I was in the house, he let me be, but the minute I was out of his sight, I sware I would catch him following me in his police cruiser, always at a safe distance. As if he trusted me, but didnt trust whatever was out there waiting for me. I never brought any of this up to him, or my mother. I just shrugged it off as Charlie was just being my dad.

Today was December First, Christmas was around the corner. It had been ten years since I saw, or heard from my dad, ten years since my mother had taken me away, and ten years meant I was now twenty years old, and free to do as I pleased. My mother and Phil were traveling a lot lately, and I didnt go with them, because I was in college, and I didnt care much for sports anyway. I knew that my mother didnt like the thought of being away from me at Christmas, it would be the first Christmas she spent away. I re assured her every five seconds that it was fine, I was a big girl now. "My old soul, My little old soul, you are so much wiser then your years", she would say. As I headed to the building in front of me, that stated on a big sign above the door, 'University Of Phoenix Library', I wondered about my dad. I had thought about him constantly, though I would never admit it to anyone. I had to be the grown up in the situation, even though I was still unsure of what exactly the situation was. I never let Renee think I was depressed, ever. I never let her think that any of this bothered me. As if being taken away from, -no scratch that out-, being kidnapped from your father, from your school, from your home, from your life, was normal. I wondered what my dad had said to everyone who asked where my mom and I were?. I wondered the accusations every one would make, the things they would say about Charlie, or Renee? I also wondered how lonely my dad must have been, at the holidays every year, following my disappearance? As I sat down in the chair, facing lap top number 2, my curiosity concerning Forks, and my father had become stronger, and stronger by the second. As I signed in to check my email, to make sure my professor had gotten my essay, I read the headline's that come up on aol's welcome screen. It read as follows " Cop injured in Forks, Washington". There was no name of the victim, nor was there many details about his well being. In that instant I decided, I was leaving for Forks.

Chapter Three: Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs:

To say the least, I took everything that happened in those last five minutes as the biggest sign in my entire life. Renee was away for two months, she would never knew if I went down there for a day or two. I also had been thinking about Charlie and Forks so much lately, then I sign on aol, and the headline I read, was the icing to the cake. Simply put, I had to go.
I was now sitting on the plane, half way to Forks. I wish I could say, I thoroughly thought this through, but that would be a huge lie. I had taken some money I had in the bank to by my ticket, I didnt pack any clothes, or any toiletries, or any thing of the sort. I had my cell phone in my school bag, with its charger, my wallet with my I.d. and cash, called a cab from school, and was at the air port in no time. Once I got to the airport, I realized, there might not be any open flights to Washington, then quickly giggled at the thought. Nobody visited Forks, because nobody really ever left Forks. It was like the Twilight Zone, or the Bermuda Triangle. Once you were there, you never left, and if you did, you didnt stay away for long, it sucked you right back in. It was like you were paralyzed, even if you wanted to stay away, you couldnt.
I was now going over the conversations in my head, what would I say?, who would I see first?, would any one recognize me?, would I be stoned and beaten by the convicting eyes, the minute I stepped foot in Forks?, was I now known as "The Prodigal Son", returning to ruin my fathers life? Could I slip into Forks, check on Charlie secretly, without any one knowing, especially him, and leave the world untouched?

More then anything in the world, I wanted to talk to Charlie, I wanted to see him and hug him, I wanted to apologize for whatever hurt I had caused him, even though I never really had a say in the matter, but I was scared he would tell Renee, or call her worried that something happened between her and I, and all of a sudden I was coming to live with him again. I have to admit more then anything, I was scared he would look at me and laugh, as if to say "You think you can just come back now?". I was scared that he hated me, and wouldnt want to see me. He had more of a right then any one in this world, to be mad at me, and if seeing him would only hurt him, I would bury my hurt, pain, confusion, love and yearning for him, deep down inside, and turn right back around to Phoenix. I was also confused by my own emotions. Charlie and I, had never had a touchy feely relationship, we didnt hug alot, or kiss each other on the cheek alot, but more then anything right now, thats what I wanted. I was so lost in all my emotions and thoughts, I didnt realize we had landed, and the plane was now empty, except for the stewardess who was eyeing me up suspiciously. I quickly grabbed my things, as my cheeks flushed a bright color of red, and hurried off the plane. I called a taxi to come pick me up. I couldnt tell you how long the ride was, because once again I was in a daze, over whelmed by the emotions filling my head and heart, but as we reached the border of Forks, I told the cab driver to pull over. I gave him the money I owed for the ride, and a nice tip. Im sure it had been a long drive for him, it didnt seem long enough for me.

I was now in the place my mother had made me promise ten years ago, I would never go back too.

Chapter Four:Spoke with a voice that struck the sky:

I placed my foot down on the pavement, and took a quick glance around, I was now in Forks, there was no question about it, nothing had changed in ten years. It was like stepping on sacred ground, I knew I shouldnt be here, that I should turn back and run, but the sudden pain in my chest, told me other wise. Everything I tried so hard to keep buried deep down inside, was now flowing through my heart, through my veins, through my eyes, and onto the pavement. I couldnt believe that here I was trying to keep a low profile, and my emotions betrayed me. I was crying infront of people who were walking back and forth across the street. I kept my head down so no one would notice. To my relief no one did, because it was raining by now. I had made a pit stop in the air port to buy myself some winter accessories. I had my head wrapped in a scarf, and scarf covering my mouth and most of my neck. I had a hat on, on top of my head scarf. I used the head scarf to hide my long brown hair. I had a winter jacket on and gloves. I had hoped to be incognito, and thankfully with the rain I had not be seen crying. I now had to make the choice of where to go next. My stomach made my mind up for me, I hadnt eaten all day, my stomach was growling and in knots. I needed food in my stomach, before my nerves made me vomit. I headed in the direction of a local diner, keeping my head down, or straight ahead, to avoid unwanted eye contact. Not to many people went to this diner, and this is exactly why I chose it. It was near the forest, and most people went to the local cafe. The only people who ever ventured here, were the out casts in town. This fit me perfectly, no matter where I went, I was the outcast. I hadnt made friends in Arizona, well not close ones anyway, I did have people Id occasionally talk with, or once and a blue moon maybe go to the library with, but other then that, I had kept to myself all those years. I had made school my biggest priority, and was focusing on getting into a good college. I took up a music class in Arizona, that i took throughout middle school and high school, because my school counselor had said it would look good on my college application. I could play the piano, and the guitar.

I was now a block away from the diner, and to my satisfaction, it looked almost empty. I hurried my pace up a little bit, because it was raining harder, getting darker, and this wasnt a part of town you wanted to walk alone in. As i stepped into the diner, I was shaking myself off, trying to get rid of the water from my body. The host was sitting at a table with one of the waitresses, who were both now eyeing me up. I had never seen either of these ladies before, and for that i was forever grateful. I looked around to see where there was the least amount of people, and from what it looked like, to my left around the corner would be my best bet. I finally spoke up a bit, "Table for one please". The host got up and grabbed a menu, she gave me a strange look, as if to say "Pathetic". "Do you mind if I sit back there?", I asked her quietly. I had pointed to the back left, and by now I was sure she hated me anyway. She gave the waitress a quick smirk, I guess she didnt think I had seen. I smiled at her anyway, as I walked on by. As I followed the host to my table, I now noticed I was not alone back here. I kept my head down as I sat, until I could further examine the company to my right. I took my coat off, and the scarf that had been around my mouth and neck. I finally got the nerve to look up, no one was looking at me. How pathetic, no matter where I went, not one person noticed me. It finally dawned on me I was invisible. Part of me was thankful, while the other part felt complete and utter despair. I would always be the pathetic, invisible girl, who ruined her fathers life. It dawned on me just then, maybe I hadnt ruined Charlies life. What if he was happy that my mother and I were gone? What if, he had never missed me?, What if all this time, I had just been one big nuisance to him, and my leaving, was the happiest thing that ever happened to him? My face dropped as I thought of this, as well as my heart. I was now fighting back an army of tears, and my body started to tremble. I had known that my mother loved me very much, but after a couple years, I had gotten the feeling that she regretted taking me with her, because now her and Phil, couldnt travel. It felt like my whole existence never mattered to anyone, for the first time in my whole life, I realized, I was truly alone, and I always had been. I was just a bother to everyone and anyone. I was too pathetic for most people, what with me being clumsy, and so fragile. "HA", I laughed to myself in my head, though it was more of a conviction then a humoured laugh.

*Someone cleared their throat*

I was brought back to reality, and now realized I had been staring at the table across from me. My cheeks automatically flushed a shade of dark red, Im sure no one had ever seen before.
I gave a sad smile and turned away to look at the menu. I hadnt really caught a glance at any of them, because I hadnt really been paying attention when I was looking at them. The only thing I knew was there was 3 girls and 4 boys. I decided I needed to get a better view, because if I had just blown my cover, I would need to leave as soon as possible. I took my hat and head scarf off, and hung it up with my coat on the hook on the outside of my table. I let my messy brown hair fall in front of my face, when I was sure no one was looking, I put my menu up as to say, I was reading it, and now looked at them from the corner of my eye. I definitely didnt know any of them, and I now realized that none of them were boys or girls. The three lady's had to be in bewteen the ages of 19-26. They were so beautiful, nothing like I had ever seen before. The first one I saw had short, black hair. She looked so tiny and fragile, like a pixie. I had to laugh at this, because she reminded me of myself, fragile, besides the fact that she looked like a goddess. The girl sitting next to her had long beautiful,blond, wavy hair, she looked very confident and strong, I could understand why, she was the picture perfect woman. She was definitely the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Next to her was a woman with carmel colored hair. She was the epitomy of beautiful, she carried herself like she wasnt from this time. She seemed to be very motherly, everyone looked up to her. Across from them were the guys.
Directly across from the pixie, was a tall boy with honey blond hair, he was very muscular, but also very lean. His facial expression caught me off guard. He looked like he was in immense pain, even though he seemed to be enjoying everyone's company. "Odd", I thought to myself. Next to him, but across from the blond hair goddess, was a man who caught me off guard. He was very intimidating, he was even taller then the last man, very burly and muscular. He had curly dark hair, and dimpled cheeks. This made me laugh, he reminded me of a big teddy bear. How could someone so intimidating have the cutest dimples, sweetest smile, and laugh I had ever heard?
Next to the big teddy bear, across from the elegant motherly woman, was a man who looked like a model. He had blond hair, and like the rest of the men was tall and muscular, but he was very slender. He also reminded me of someone who wasnt from this time, he carried himself a certain way that made me believe he was the leader of this group. He had a defined authority, not one to be questioned, or disobeyed. He seemed so kind hearted, and caring though, not someone who thought he was better then everyone, just someone who wanted the best for his friends, or family, I couldnt be sure if they were related though.

I finally put my menu down and looked away, I didnt want to get caught staring at them again. My waitress came over, the same one who had given me a dirty look at the door. Im sure she was so delighted to have to be waiting on me, the feeling was mutual. I hadnt even looked at the menu, so I had to think fast. I ordered off the top of my head, before she could even ask. "Two eggs, over easy, white toast, hot tea with milk, and a glass of orange juice, please and thank you", I spat out as fast as I could. She gave me a look of confusion and surprise, and walked away. Thank God, she was gone. I knew I shouldnt look back over at them, but I couldnt help myself. I pushed my hair down again to cover the side of my face, and looked to my right again. This time I noticed, they were all extremely pale, paler then I was, which was not normal. Their eyes were like a topaz color, nothing like I had ever seen before, which led me to believe they were from Europe, or somewhere exotic. I was still examining them, when I realized someone had caught me, though it was not some one at the table. A tall boy was walking past me, staring at me. I had to catch my breathe, he had the same topaz eyes, and pale skin as the table across from me. He had an angular face, high cheekbones, a very defined jaw line, a straight nose, and very fully lips. His messy bronze hair, set off his beautiful eyes. He was tall, between 6'0- 6'3. He was very slender, and from the looks of it was muscular also. I couldnt help but stare right back into his eyes. He wore a very strange expression as he stared back into my eyes. It was as if he was trying to see into my soul. He looked frustrated, like he couldnt understand something. This made me very uncomfortable, and annoyed. Would I always be the freak of nature? I shot him a look, that said, "Back off". He looked surprised, and amused. This only fed the fire to the flame burning in my chest. I had, had enough emotional badgering for one day, and was certainly not going to take shit from any stranger.

He was now sitting at the table of which had, had my attention this whole time. He ruined the only fun I had been having, and this just made me even more angry. The only peace I had was analyzing these strangers. People always intrigued me, I always liked to keep to myself, but I liked to people watch, wonder where they were going?, what was waiting for them at home?, who they lived with?, if they were happy or not?, make up my own stories about them. I wanted everyone to be happy, to get what they wanted, if it benefited the better good of everyone else around them. They were all speaking louder now, and I could finally hear all their voices. This startled me like nothing I could ever imagine, they all sounded like angels. How could this be? Even the biggest kid of them all, with the dimples and dark curly hair sounded like an angel. My jaw had dropped, and I was now picking it back off the table, thats when I noticed the stupid boy staring at me again. What I wouldn't do, to just get up and sock him, right in between his beautiful eyes, that would teach him to stare at a complete stranger. What a hypocrite, huh? I had been staring at his family for a long time, and here I was getting angry at this annoying kid for looking at me, the nerve of some people, right? Haha, Oh Lord I was really loosing my mind. My food finally came, and I scarfed it down. The strange family was still sitting across from me, every now and then when Id finally look at them, Id catch them all stealing glances at me. Why on earth any of them would want to look in my direction, was beyond me? They were all so beautiful, they had to know that, they had to understand when people looked at them, but to look at me? I was the most pathetic, scrawny creature alive. I had to get out, I had to get away from them. Something wasnt right, and was making me feel highly uncomfortable.
I finished my food and asked for my check, which my waitress already had in her hand. I got up as quick as I could, which had been a little to quick, because before I knew it I was falling over. I didnt know exactly what hit me, but I knew that the ground was ice cold and hard. I finally opened my eyes after passing out for a few moments, and realized I wasnt on the ground. I was in the arms of that stupid boy. I was more then embarrassed, and I could feel my blood pressure boiling. I got up as quick as I could, which only made me stumble backwards again.

"Maybe you should sit down miss", I heard his angelic voice say. "I-i-m F-f-i-inn-e", I whispered. "You dont look okay sweetheart", the motherly woman affirmed. I now realized that the whole table of strangers was standing around me. How did he get up so fast and catch me? How did he know? Maybe he was getting up to leave, and by lucks chance, he had seen me going down. I wouldnt have known either way, I had been in such a hurry to leave, to get away from them, and here I was surrounded by them. The boy was ice cold, I guess he hadnt warmed up from the cold. I tried to stand up slowly this time, and thats when the short pixie like girl, grabbed my hands to help me. She had the sweetest smile I had ever seen. Her and the stupid boy helped me sit down, thats when I heard the beautiful blond call out to someone. "Carlisle, you better check her out and make sure she's okay", she said so beautifully. I was sure I had hit my head so hard and died and gone to heaven. The fatherly figure moved closer to me, and pulled out some things from a bag. He must be a nurse or something, because only medical staff carried a bag like that. My cheeks kept getting even more red by the minute, I couldnt sit here and deal with this right now, or ever actually. I liked to suffer in silence and they were ruining my plan. "R-r-eall-y, Im-m Ffi-ne", I squeaked out. This made them all laugh, it sounded like thousands of angels laughing. "Carlisle, is a doctor", the boy who looked like he was in pain stated. He kept a safe distance from me, and now I wondered if I smelled? I was too tired to fight anymore, so I let the doctor check on me. He made me look at his finger as he pointed a bright light into my eyes. It burned my eyes, so I was thankful when it was over quickly. "You look fine sweetie, I think its just a case of getting up way too fast, you looked like you were in a hurry, was your car on fire?", he laughed. I couldnt help but smile back. "Actually I dont have a car, well atleast not right now", I answered back, which only made them look at me with a puzzled expression. They stayed with me for a couple minutes, until I felt better and ate a piece of bread just to make sure. I thanked them all for helping me, and quickly walked to the front to pay for my check. I glanced back at their table, and realized they hadnt eaten any of their food. "How strange?", I thought to myself. I paid for my check and was getting ready to walk out the door when I realized I had forgotten my belongings. I turned around to get them, and almost smacked into someone. "You forget these mam", the voice declared. "Oh, um, I was just going to get them, but er, thank you very much", I said as I reached for them from the hands that were extending my belongings out to me. I turned around and was walking away, when I heard the voice call out from behind me. "Excuse me again?", and I turned around as they came walking towards me. "Do you need a ride anywhere", the voice asked? I didnt even know this person, why would I get into the car with them? I was about to say no, when I realized it was snowing hard now outside. "Um yeah sure", I said. "Dont worry everyone is coming with us", the voice laughed.
I followed them outside, thats when the stupid boy finally turned around to me and said

"By the way, Im, Edward Cullen", he said as he smiled the most beautiful crooked smile in the world.
I was lost in his eyes.

Chapter Five: 'But I Dont Want To Live Among Mad People'.

"Oh But You Cant Help That, Here Were All Mad":

I didnt understand why I was being so dumb. My whole plan was to stay unnoticed, and so far I was blowing it big time. I can just imagine it now, people talking about the strange girl who passed out in the diner. If my mom could only see me now, shed die. I had finally gotten in the car, and was now surrounded by the pixie on my left, the blond goddess on my right, next to her was the big teddy bear, and in the front seat, was the boy who looked like he was in pain, and driving was Edward Cullen. I felt rude not introducing myself, I felt weird sitting in silence as the car warmed up, and we waited for the pile of snow to melt of the windshield.
Finally, someone spoke up, at first I couldnt be sure of which one. I didnt really hear what was being said, the voices moved to fast, and were almost quieter then a whisper. Finally the pixie laughed, and I had realized she and the boy in the passenger seat were arguing over whatever everyone was saying. She spoke up so I could hear her angelic voice. "Im Alice Cullen", she said with a genuine smile. I didnt know what to say back, if I give my real name, id blow it. Before I had time to answer the girl to my right introduced herself. " Im Rosalie Hale", she stated matter of factly. From the slight attitude in her tone, I could tell she had said this, as if I should already know. I didnt know how to take her tone, and I was now feeling slightly uncomfortable again. I was looking in the rear view mirror, trying to keep my eyes off of them, when I noticed the stupid boy, er, I mean Edward looking at me. He seem frustrated again, he seem puzzled by something. I was so confused, I didnt know what to do but stare back. The big guy next to Rosalie interrupted my thoughts, "Hey, Im Emmett Cullen", he said to me as he laughed, I smiled back wryly. Finally the boy who was in pain, introduced himself, and I realized for the first time, he had a tinge of a southern accent. This made me smile, a good country boy, thats what he reminded me of. "Sorry for my rudeness, he stated, clearly embarrassed by the fact that it took him so long to introduce himself, "Im Jasper Hale", he said as he gave Alice a smile. This pleased her, and I was surprised when she let out another laugh. I knew this was where I would have to introduce myself, and if I waited any longer, it would seem very rude of me. "Im Marie Dwyer", I spit out, as I stunned myself. How did I come up with that so quickly? I had used my middle name, and Phils last name without even thinking. Alice looked at me, and I dont know why, but for some odd reason, I felt like she was trying to say, "Your lying", right through her eyes. I couldnt tell them the truth, even though I was more then sure, I had never met these people in my life, no, I hadnt, of that I was postive, I would remember, I definitely would have remembered. These were not strangers you would forget meeting...ever.

The heat was on full blast, and the snow was just about melted, but for some strange reason, the bodies next to me werent making me warm. I was feeling very chilly sitting next to them.
I didnt know what to make of this, and didnt want to think about it anymore. I had way to much on my plate, and now had to think fast, of where I wanted to go. I didnt plan on staying here for more then a day, or two at the most. I was just about to state where I was headed, when Alice chimed in. "Snows suppose to last for a week, theyre already delaying, and canceling any flights to and from Washington", she said as she look at Edward. I looked in his direction to see he hadnt looked back at Alice once. He was still staring at me. This was getting stranger by the second, it was as if she had read my thoughts. I had to speak up the silence was killing me. "Where did you hear that from", I asked sheepishly, afraid she'd be insulted by my question. "OH, believe me, I have my sources!", she answered with a tone of pride. Before I could think anything of it, Jasper chimmed in, "Alice watches a lot of news shows, she likes to stay up to date with the world, and the things going on all over it", he finished then shot Alice a look, as if to tell her to be careful. I couldnt take it anymore, I had to get away, the faster we got to where I wanted to go, I could get away from them. "Snows finally melted, huh Edward?", I said, "Ill show you where you can drop me off". He started the car faster then I would have thought, and even with all the snow, he was still driving very fast. It reminded me of when Renee was waiting for me, outside of Charlies. Charlie, I thought to myself. I sighed heavily, and everyone turned to look at me. Only this time I didnt care, the remorse and fear, was crippling. I was dreading my decision to come to Forks, more and more, by the second. I finally realized, I still had to direct Edward. I told him where to turn, and go straight at. We were finally a couple houses away from Charlies, when I realized Charlie wasnt home by himself. Parked next to his police cruiser was Billy Blacks car. I had to think fast, luckily I had never told them where I wanted to go, or who I wanted to see. I had to make up an excuse and I had to make one up fast. "Haha Oh silly me, I guess from not visiting here in years I have forgotten where im going, Im so sorry about that", I said sympathetically. Edward laughed, "If you just tell me where your going I could get there faster, its hard to forget this place when you live here", he smiled.

I had remembered hearing the waitress talk about a book store they had just built on the other side of the woods. Forks wasnt a big place, and to get to a bookstore you had to travel far, I guess for the sake of the kids, they built one. I couldnt go there right now though, they might follow me in, and I was trying my hardest to get away from them. I needed to find a hotel or something. "I was looking for Dew Drop Inn", I said bashfully. Charlies family would stay there when they came to visit when I was younger. I know it was close to the location of the new book store, so that was good for me. I wouldnt have to walk far, and risk the chance of being seen. Edward turned the car around and sped towards to direction of the Inn. We were there in no time, and for this I was extremely pleased. He pulled up to the front door of the Inn, and put the car in park, he got out of the car, and at first I wondered what he was doing, but I then realized, this stupid boy was a gentleman. He was opening the door for me. Alice got out so I could slide past. I didnt know exactly what to say, and I felt dumb for them having to baby sit me for the last couple hours. I stuck my head back down towards the car and thanked everyone for being so kind. I heard rounds of "Your welcome", "Anytime,wasnt A Big Deal", "Whatever", And my favorite of all "Thanks for the amusement", Emmett laughed. His laugh roared through out the car, and I couldnt help but think, he reminded me of a big goofy older brother. I smiled back at him, even though I tried not too, I couldnt help it though. I finally stood back up and was now looking at Alice and Edward. Alice looked sad and I couldnt imagine why. Edward look frustrated as he stood closer to me. I sware if I didnt know any better it was if he was trying to read my thoughts. I shrugged that thought off the minute it entered my mind. The minute I returned back to Arizona, I was going to see a shrink, I was starting to believe I was the mental one, not Charlie as Renee had stated.

I went to say goodbye and thank you to Alice, when she did something I never expected, she pulled me in for the sweetest hug, I had ever felt. I was taken back by this gesture, even more so by the words that followed. "Wow, you do smell good Bella", she chimmed with a smile, exposing her extremely white and perfect teeth. Edward now looked uncomfortable, and I couldnt put it together why, until the words ran through my head again. "Wow Bella, You do smell good". I tried to picture who would have said that, and when? I tried to make up an excuse, so my brain wouldnt overload, and the only one that came to mind, was when Edward had caught me. He might have said I smelled good to Alice, but what a peculiar thing to say, out of nowhere? I tried to sneak a quick sniff of my own hair. I did smell, I wouldnt say good or bad, I would say more like refreshed, I smelled clean, like the Lilac shampoo I used. I smiled at this, why Edward would tell anyone, that stupid ol me smelled good, baffled me. I couldnt bare to stand there any longer. "Thank you so much for helping me out today, Im sorry if i ruined your plans for the day, or was a bother, I wish I could repay you, but thank you so much for your kindness, Edward", I said shyly. " I was only being humane", he said with a sly grin. Him and Alice burst into a fit of laughter. I didnt get it, was something a joke? He was "only being humane", I didnt see the joke in that? I was annoyed now, as if they were making fun of me, thats when I noticed Alice looked sad again. What an odd group of people I thought to myself, and here I thought my family was dysfunctional, Huh? I started to walk away, to break whatever trance, we had on each other. I waved good bye, as Alice called out with a grin. "See you later, beauty".

I needed sleep, and I needed sleep bad. This day had gotten weirder and weirder by the second, and I needed to sleep off the confusion. I went to the front desk, and asked for a room for one. The owner was an older woman, who boar the kindest expression. She reminded me of my Dads mom. How long had it been since I had seen that beautiful woman, way too long? She titled her glasses down to the middle of her nose, and looked at me from over the top of her glasses. "We have alot of rooms open, what are you in the mood for?", she said giving me a satisfied smile. I didnt really care at this point, but she was too kind to be rude too, so I played along with her game. "How about this, I let you pick the best one in the house", I said as laughter filled my lungs. This excited her immensely. I paid her in cash, because giving her my bank card or credit card, would only prove that Bella Swan was alive and in Forks. As we were walking up the steps, I caught a glimpse out of the window, there wasnt many cars parked there, If I had to guess, maybe 6 other guests staying here at the most. The Inn was very beautiful, it was an old antique house, not TOO big, not too small. Outside the house was covered in Ivory, and behind the Inn was the woods. The house had a mystical feel to it, I was in a trance. I felt peaceful, I felt at ease, and most of all, I felt at home. We passed many rooms, and were now on the third floor. She took me to a room all the way in the back. This room was the only room on this side of the hallway. "Well this is it", she said as she handed me the keys. "I usually save this room for my guests who are on business trips, because its spacious, but business season isnt until February", she said with a smile. She enjoyed this more then anyone could imagine. Most people would huff and puff, and complain about this job, but she whole heartedly loved it. This was her life, and pleasing people is what she lived for. I thanked her, and gave her a huge tip, which at first she refused to take until I gave her a puppy dog face. She smiled at that, excepted "My overly generous gesture", as she stated, and walked away. I was now left alone on this floor, in this hall way by myself.

I opened the door, and couldnt believe what was behind these walls. The room was white, with a huge window that took up the whole back side of the room. I now realized as I stepped closer to the window, it was two glass doors, and outside the window was a little porch. This room faced the beautiful forest. Around the black iron gate on the porch, was ivory entwined through out it, The room reminded me of something you would see on an antique show. Everything in there was mahogany wood. The dresser, the bed frame, the night stand, the floor. It was beautiful, it had book shelve's upon bookshelve's, and in the front of the room was an old record player, with stacks of music. I had definitely died and gone to heaven. I was so tired I layed on the big bed, which was covered in white, white sheets, white pillows,and a white comforter, which was huge and fluffy.I looked at the old grandfather clock. It was only 7:00 pm, I didnt know what to do with myself, So I laid down on the bed.

Once my head hit the pillow I was out for the night.


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