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Forever Darkness (Edward/Bella AU FIC)

Title: Forever Darkness
Chapter: 12
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Bella, Carlisle
Rating: M
Category: Twilight. AU. Romance/Drama. NOT AH
Spoilers: Only about Edward's past, the rest is non-canon.
Disclaimer: This all belongs to the wonderful SMeyer.
Summary: Edward Masen would always love Bella Swan...even after he became a monster.
Author's Note: Im SO SO profusely sorry for my lack of updates. I couldn't find inspiration to finish this story - that was until I saw the advanced screening of Twilight in Australia on Wednesday. I hope you enjoy this chapter. ONLY THIS CHAPTER IS FROM CARLISLE'S AND BELLA'S POV. (Can anyone spot Esme in this chapter?????)

Find the chapter HERE

Find previous chapters HERE

Find it on FF.NET HERE

Tags: fanfiction
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