Augh, my face! (hammondgirl) wrote in lion_lamb,
Augh, my face!

New Fanfiction : Resident Advisor

Title: Resident Advisor
Author: HammondGirl
Pairing: B/E
Category: A/H, A/U, OOC
Rating: T for now.  Don't get huffy - M comes later.
Spoilers: None
Summary:  Bella works as a Resident Advisor in a dormitory at Seattle University.  She meets Edward at a Halloween Party thrown for the residents and employees of Weston Hall.  A friendship slowly builds and Bella finds herself falling in love with Edward throughout the semester, but is unsure of his feelings toward her.  What could the popular Edward Cullen possibly see in her?
Author's Note: Kim - this one is for you!
Tags: fanfiction
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