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This is me, totally abusing my mod power at the moment, but since I never really do that, I'm doing it now...because.

This comm is for those of you who have read the fanfic Wide Awake. IKIK, for those of you who have no interest whatsoever in this fic are probably annoyed with those of us who talk about it, but...that's just because it's good ok. Whatever.

A few of us decided that instead of spamming our journals with "omg wide awake" entries and such, we'd make a comm for people to post there instead. Honestly, we're not looking to be all ~srs bsns~ there, but we're not looking to be all ~lulz~ either. We just want to fangirl because we can.

So, ONLY join if you've read and love. FYI, because we don't want anyone dampening out the happiness we create for ourselves, if anyone starts to piss us off with their behavior, we will ban their asses. Seriously rofl.

Posted with mod permisson of _transformed, who feels really lame right now.
Tags: promotion: lj communities
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