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i was trying to remember your name

I was at the Twilight convention yesterday in Sydney with Nikki, Taylor & Edi and there was a limited edition collector's item there!
It is a frame with movie stills from the ORIGINAL film reel! You could have got two different sizes, but I got the smaller and cheaper one ($95AU) because I didn't have enough money to buy the bigger one. Every frame had different stills.  I'll probably be posting pictures of the convention over at some other communities, and a full review of the day will hopefully be posted on my journal today. The guests were all gorgeous and funny.

I was talking to some of the people who were holding the convention, and they said that 30 were sent to Australia.  And that the frames aren't going on sale on Amazon etc unless people sell theirs on eBay.

It's hard to see the stills, but the stills on mine are (top to bottom) Bella in the forest, Edward against the Volvo (Alice and Jasper are in the corner), and the bottom one is James sniffing Bella in the baseball clearing.

Back of the frame:
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