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Updates to Corona: New chapters and preface

Title: Corona
Author: Arre
Characters/ Pairing: All the original characters and pairings, plus some new ones.
Rating: PG-13
Category: Romance/Action/Drama
Spoilers: Have to have read all 4 Twilight books previously
Summary: This fanfic is the unofficial fifth book of the Twilight series.


                I had once compared Edward and I to Romeo and Juliet.  Edward and I had been from two different worlds, and every element on the planet seemed to be bent on keeping us apart.

                But we were together; this Romeo and Juliet story had not ended in tragedy.  Of course there had been hardships; though, with each new trial, Edward and I seemed to grow closer and stronger.  I realized now that each heart-wrenching obstacle deepened my love for Edward, because of how we tackled things together.

                I reviewed my surroundings.  I wondered now if we had finally come to an obstacle that we couldn’t overcome.  Could a Romeo and a Juliet never escape a tragic end?

                I looked into Aro’s eyes as he stared back at me.  There was no way out and no way to protect my family.  I had the feeling that the Volturri had been waiting for this day a long time; and, in a way, I had been too.

                Aro’s eyes glittered with satisfaction.  I would fight with my family for as long as I could, as I knew they would.  I promised myself that I would see Edward and the rest on the other side.  

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Tags: fanfiction
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