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Live Chat Of Rob and Kristen for German Teen Magazine "Bravo"

Rob and Kristen did a Live Chat on Friday for German Teen magazine called Bravo.

RobandKristen: Hello everyone.
RobandKristen: We are happy to be here.
AntiNessie: Kristen, do you and Bella have some characteristics in common?
Kristen: I trust my instincts like she does. If something isn't right I feel it. But if something feels good I go for it.
VanessaEC: Is this Roberts' and Kristen's first visit to Germany?
Kristen: It is my first visit to Germany
Rob: I have been to Berlin a couple of times.
sheryn: What is your favorite scene in Twilight?
Kristen: I love the meadow scene.
Rob: Mine is the hospital scene.
Colorful: Which rumor would you like to clear up for good?
Rob: None, really.
Chococat: Did something embarrassing happen to you during the filming of Twilight? (if so, will it be on the DVD)
Kristen: Once Rob strained his groin while trying to lift me up. We were quite surprised for a moment, then we both fell over and thenall you could see were both of his legs in the air.
Lune_CC: Twilight has been very successful in the US. Do you still enjoy it visiting countries all over the world?
Rob: I wished we had more time to spend in each country. We hardly see anything.
Kristen: We basically only see the hotel rooms and nothing else.
schnuddel1995: Robert do you have anything in common with Edward?
Rob: I am bit of a loner but besides that I cannot relate to him at all.
Maren124: How was the atmosphere at the set?
Kristen: Everyone was quite stressed. There was so much to shoot and often things didn't really move forward.
ozi15: Robert, do you really play the piano or are you just pretending?
Rob: In the movie I play the piano myself. I replayed what the composer wrote for the scene. I play the piano since I was little.
IloveTwilight: How was the kissing scene for you?
Kristen: Yes we remember it.
Rob: We shot it in LA and it was really hot. My make-up had to be renewed every few minutes – that wasn’t very sexy.
Classic-Mashar: Do you have any pets?
Rob: I have a dog.
Kristen: My family has dogs but I have a cat. She is named Jella.
Tomke.Bench.core: What do you prefer Rob – acting or making music?
Rob: I like both for different reasons. Music means freedom to me. But in acting you can pretend to be someone else and I like that.
e_e: Which scene was the most difficult one to shoot for you?
Kristen: The meadow scene took a look while to shoot. The beginning and the ending of the scene vary very much.
Rob: The whole structure of the scene was very complex. We did about 50 different camera shots.
Dali: Do you believe in vampires?
Rob and Kristen: No, we don’t.
Lica: When were stunt doubles used?
Rob: I had a really good stunt double. There were many dangerous scenes which I was not allowed to do.
Kristen: The same applies to me.
Twilight15: Are you good friends?
Rob: Yes, we are really good friends.
I-Love_Twilight: Kristen, do you sing too?
Kristen: No, I don’t.
Alice3: Rob, are you really shy?
Rob: Yes, I am indeed.
Alice3: Have you both read the book?
Rob: Yes, that was the first thing we did.
Mrs_Jenni_Pattinson: Which television show do you like most?
Kristen: I usually don’t watch television.
Rob: I like the English version of “The Office”.
Karey: Would you prefer not to be an actor/actress and live a “normal” life?
Kristen: I love acting but I don’t like being famous.
Rob: I am not really sure yet. The whole fame thing and acting belongs together somehow today. You need some sort of fame in order to get acting jobs – and you get offered more roles too.
sheryn: Did you think you had a chance to get the roles of Bella and Edward?
Kristen: I wasn’t really surprised when I got the role. However, I don’t think I really deserve portraying Bella.
Rob: For me, it was a big surprise – I really wanted the role!
buttel: Which special abilities would you like to have?
Kristen: I would love being able to fly.
Rob: Me too. That would be much cooler than sitting in a plane all the time.
PattyRoberts: Kristen, what will you do on Christmas?
Kristen: I am going to spend time with my family.
Rob: Me too!
Lillia: Do you know when your next visit to Germany will be?
Kristen: Sorry, no I don’t.
MissBella: I would like to know whether Rob is single or if he has a girl.
Rob: I am still single and unfortunately there is no girl in my life.
XxkethexX: Rob, I read you had to wear lipstick during the shooting of Twilight…what did you think about that?
Rob: Yes, that is true and it was very embarrassing. I never understood why they made me wear it.
Moderator: We have to finish here.
Thanks to Annett81 For Translating

Rob and Kristen leaving Bravo
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