lookaftermyhart (lookaftermyhart) wrote in lion_lamb,

Canadian Hot Topic Help!

Hi there!! I 'm so sorry that it has come to this but I'm getting freaked out that xmas is only a few weeks away and I have no gifts for my sister! lol! (Blame exams...booooo) Anyway, I was searching the borders site for the calendar and the HT site (for weeks) and finally decided to cave in and by her the pillow case and box (either music box or truck thing) until I got to the shipping.... for just the pillow case to canada its $24.00 US....when I added the box (either one) it became $25.00 US...a whole extra dollar for a box compare to $24 for a flat piece of material, WTF?!  And to me that seems so crazy, so here is my plea....I was wondering if anyone would be willing to buy either of the 3 for me and ship them here (which i'm sure will be a LOT cheaper than HT's shipping) and I'll pay you for the work of course! I 'm just desperate because I should have done this a while ago but they don't see to have much here in the way of twilight stuff (except puzzles). Whoo, ok, thanks so much for reading thisand no worries if it doesn't happen, its my fault for putting it off! Thanks!
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