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Title:Some people roam this world alone.
Author: Melissa Ann
Characters/Pairing: None just yet
Category: Twilight Series
Spoilers: Yes
Summary: Bella, Renee, Charlie( Charlies Family), The Cullens, Forks, Phoenix, Billy, Jacob, The Pack.

What if Bella, wasnt the prey, what if she was the predator, and Edward was the prey?
Edward and the cullens are still vampires(in this story), bella is human, Werewolves are who they are in the book.
Im giving my own twist to the story, actually a very big twist, I dont want to describe it really here, because itll give it away.
Please read anyway, and give me feedback(good or bad, just be polite and nice about it:))
I do not own any of the characters, they belong to the very wonderful, and talented Mrs Meyer.

Chapter One:
Myths, Legends, Stories, Tales, Truth:

Myths were always a big part of my childhood. Up until I was ten my dad use to tell me stories about monsters, the stories themselves didn't scare me, it was the way my dad looked as he was telling me, staring into something unknown,the way he would describe everything so perfectly, and so carefully, like he had been there before. He wholeheartedly wanted me to believe everything he was saying. At first I was fascinated by these tales, as any little kid would be. Not only because of what they were about, but because the stories came from my dad. The one man I looked up too. As I got older, the details become harsher and harsher, more vivid and scarier, more then anything they become real. They didnt scare me in the way you would think, they excited me and intrigued me, but they scared me to think i knew these people somehow. By this time, my mother had, had enough. I came home from fifth grade, to my bags packed, and loaded into my mothers Suv, and the uhaul behind it. My father Charlie was the cheif police officer in Forks, Washington. My mother Renee knew the perfect time to take me would be right after school. My dad would be patrolling the schools, and such, making sure all the kids were safe. He'd never think for one minute that the one child he wouldnt be watching, would be on their way to Phoenix, Arizona.

"Isabella, grab your coat, and get into the car right away", my mother said to me as tears filled her eyes.
I knew right away not to question her logic, my mother never called me Isabella, unless something was wrong.
Also, I was always taking care of my mom, so for her to plan, whatever it is that she had planned, without my help, or my fathers, also excited me, and scared me more then anything. I ran as fast as I could into the house, tripping and slipping, every few inches or so.
When I finally reached my bedroom, it was empty. Everything I ever owned was gone, also my parents room now was bare and desolated.
It only consisted of a bed, a dresser, and some other things my father owned. Tears started to welled into my eyes, but were quickly pulled back in, by the sound of my mother hitting the gas peddle. I threw my coat on as I tripped down the stairs. My mother was behind the wheel, ready to accelerate, the minute my butt hit the seat and my belt was buckled. If you knew my mother, she was worse then me. She needed to be taken care of, and I needed to take care of her. She was clumsy, careless, adventerous, outgoing, and fun, but she had her limits, like heights, and driving fast. Today Renee was like Jeff Gordon behind the wheel, and that scared me, because that wasnt like her. I laid my head back, closed my eyes, and dozed off. I couldnt tell you exactly what happened next, or the the following week. I just know that somehow we had left cold, grey, rainy, Forks, and now were in hot, sunny, Phoenix.

I remember when I had finally slipped out of my daze, I was now waiting for the police to show up at the door at any minute. It never happened, they never came, and my dad never barged through the door to take me home. I couldnt understand if I was more worried, hurt, scared, lost, annoyed, or relieved that my father never showed, relieved that there would never be some big over dramatic argument, per usual.

I was going to start at Centennial Middle School the following week.

Chapter Two:Chapter two: Yesterdays history, Todays the present, Tomorrows a mystery, Or is it yesterdays a mystery, todays a mystery, tomorrows a mystery, haha atleast in my case it was.

Your probably thinking, why didnt she freak out and ask her mom, more like demand an explanation.
Sadly enough, I had seen this coming for a long time. I knew deep down inside my parents loved each other, but they hadnt been in love with each other, since right before I was born. My mom felt trapped, annoyed, exhausted, held down, and most of all bored. My mother needed to spread her wings and fly, she was in some ways, very much like a child. She couldnt stand for things when they had become redundant, and even more so, couldnt bare to stay in one place for too long. I knew even before my mother told me, that she had met someone. He was a basketball player, he was young, he was lively, outgoing, carefree, and more then anything, perfect for my mom. In her defense, she never cheated on my dad, nor did she leave him for Phil. She left for her sanity, and my safety. Phil started off as a good friend, then when we moved to Phoenix, thats when Phil and I were introduced. He lived near by, about ten minutes or so. Eventually they got engaged, about two years later, and a year after that got married. I was my moms maid of honor. I couldnt be mad at my mom, no.... no, I couldnt. Her intentions were never to hurt anyone, my mother couldnt hurt a fly if she tried, and if she did, it wasnt something she got over easily. Renee was hurting, and for a long time, she tried to hide it, how selfish of me, would it be to be mad at her? I wanted her to be happy at any cost, and now she finally was.

It was almost ten years ago, that this all happened. Id be lying if I didnt say, I saw this coming long before it happened. I knew my mother would leave my dad one day. It never crossed my mind for one minute that she would take me with her, not until Id heard my parents get into a very heated argument, thats when I knew, no questions asked, my mother would never leave me with my father. I had learned from this argument that Renee thought Charlie was irresponsible, that he was insane. She went on, for what seemed like hours, of all the things wrong with the things my father told me, and the things he did out side the house. He never once defended himself, or got mad, which only made me even more confused. I knew deep down inside my mom wasnt intentionally trying to hurt Charlie's feelings, she was seriously worried about his mental state, and my safety. I had heard my mother say, she didnt think it was funny, that my father blamed monsters for killing his great grandmother, or that my dad and his best friend Billy spent time looking for these monsters, when they werent fishing. My mother had never talked bad about Charlie, not even after she left. The only thing she had said on the matter was, Forks wasnt a good place for a child to grow up, what with all the rain, the cold, and all the strange people there. Renee had also made me promise I would never go back there. This is something I couldnt pretend she never said, something I couldnt pretend didnt bother me. Reguardless of what my mother thought, Charlie was my father, Forks had been my home since I was born. Angela would be so worried about me, And mike would have no one to flirt with, well besides Jessica. Renee had told me that, Charlie was mentally sick, that he needed serious help. She also said, being around him would only put myself into grave danger. I nodded my head as my face was filled with shock, my heart was saddend by these statements. This time Renee got this strange look in her eyes and face, and now repeated with a serious tone. "You are not to go back to Forks". It was more of a demand, more then anything. Her reaction startled me, and made me spit out the words, "yes" even though I knew I would never keep this promise. My father was someone I had always gotten along with. I craved his stories, because to be honest, it was the time Charlie and I could have alone. My dad was such an interesting and intelligent person, which sadly enough no one took the time to get to know. Everyone thought all my dad cared about was sports and fishing, but there was so much more to him than that. We were so much the same person, suffered in silence, were painfully shy, liked to be alone, and most of all we didnt hover, he could have his space and I could have mine. Charlie was insanely protective though, as long as I was in the house, he let me be, but the minute I was out of his sight, I sware I would catch him following me in his police cruiser, always at a safe distance. As if he trusted me, but didnt trust whatever was out there waiting for me. I never brought any of this up to him, or my mother. I just shrugged it off as Charlie was just being my dad.

Today was December First, Christmas was around the corner. It had been ten years since I saw, or heard from my dad, ten years since my mother had taken me away, and ten years meant I was now twenty years old, and free to do as I pleased. My mother and Phil were traveling alot lately, and I didnt go with them, because I was in college, and I didnt care much for sports anyway. I knew that my mother didnt like the thought of being away from me at Christmas, it would be the first Christmas she spent away. I re assured her every five seconds that it was fine, I was a big girl now. "My old soul, My little old soul, you are so much wiser then your years", she would say. As I headed to the building in front of me, that stated on a big sign above the door, 'University Of Phoenix Library', I wondered about my dad. I had thought about him constantly, though I would never admit it to anyone. I had to be the grown up in the situation. I never let Renee think I was depressed, ever. I never let her think that any of this bothered me. As if being taken away from, no scratch that out, being kidnapped from your father, from your school, from your home, from your life, was normal . I wondered what my dad had said to everyone who asked where my mom and I were. I wondered the accusations every one would make, the things they would say about Charlie, or Renee. I also wondered how lonely my dad must have been, at the holidays every year, following my disappearance. As I sat down at in the chair, facing lap top number 2, my curiosity concerning Forks, and my father had become stronger, and stronger by the second. As I signed in to check my email, to make sure my professor got my essay, I read the headline's that come up on aol's welcome screen. It read as follows " Cop injured in Forks, Washington". There was no name of the victim, nor was there many details about his well being.
In that instant I decided, I was leaving for Forks.

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