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december fanfiction contest.

monthly fanfiction contest

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS to November's winner, "Take It Off" by jcaddict!! If you haven't read her fic yet, I suggest you do so! It's very good. :-)


Now onto this month's contest. Rules are much the same, but please read them anyway. Per suggestions made in the last post, there will be a few more reminders about the contest as we get closer to the deadline. I hope to see lots more of you participate!

Entry Requirements:

  • this should go without saying, but must be Edward/Bella
  • must be at least 500 words, cannot exceed 5,000 words

  • any rating, but if R or above, it MUST be labelled as such in your entry comment

  • when linking us to your entry, please include standard information(title, author, ect.)

  • must be written FOR this contest, meaning please don't link us to something that you'd already posted elsewhere before the contest opened.

  • prompt word/phrase must be included somewhere in the entry.

December's prompt is...

gift exchange

Feel free to take that however you want. It doesn't have to be Christmas-themed if you don't want it to be, but do make sure that the prompt is included somehow into your story. ;-)

Entries are due December 25th! Turn them in by linking them in a comment to this post.

Any questions about how this will work? Post them here!
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