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Two lovely things in this modpost today:

First, there are eight moderators. We're all a part of the fandom in many ways and members of multiple communities. Leaving snide comments about how we run lion_lamb where we can see them is pretty fucking dumb -- especially if you're the one making the comments because you should really learn to either be upfront about it to the mods or make sure a mod isn't watching the comm where you're leaving them. If you have a problem with how we run things, you have three options: 1) the Page-a-Mod post, 2) private message one of us, or 3) leave. There are plenty of communities to join if you don't like it here; it's a big, real world out there, after all.

Second, we've had problems with posts containing pictures of Robert and Kristen with family/friends/significant others/pets/etc. If the same hateful comments continue as they have in the past, we will begin to reject the posts or immediately start banning people who decide to be assholes. Ignoring mod notes and continuing to be hateful ruins the fun for everyone, so, seriously, stop. This isn't a shipping community for anyone outside of Edward and Bella (the FICTIONAL characters), and the pictures are only let through because Robert and Kristen, not anyone else in those pictures, are portraying the characters. This is not the place to start arguments over something completely irrelevant, so take them elsewhere.

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