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Weekly Promotions Roundup #30

Here is the promotions roundup post with all the new communities and websites submitted to us this week. If you'd like something promoted for next week, please leave a comment here. :)

kristen_stew_ic -- Kristen Stewart icon contest challenges.
kstewart_pics -- A community dedicated to pictures of Kristen Stewart. Picspams are very welcome as well :D
oreganostew -- community for Kstew/Oregano shippers
pattinsonlife -- A community dedicated to all & everything Rob Pattinson!
pattinson_pics -- A picture a day community dedicated to Rob Pattinson!
twifacts_check -- For fanfic authors: NEED A LITTLE HELP WITH A REAL-WORLD DETAIL -- historical, medical, linguistic, or cultural? This is the place for you.
twilight_guide -- A new DAILY Twilight newsletter; updated by dedicated editors. We watch over 100 communities and RSS feeds to bring you the latest news, fanfiction, graphics and meta!

Role Playing
Before the Dawn RPG -- A Twilight RPG.


This is icon challenge community, which is dedicated to actress Kristen Stewart. So if you also like her, you are invited to take part and participate in our contests :)




This is community for Kristen and Michael shippers. Don't bring here hate and/or your silly speculations about Rob and Kristen (not gonna happen anyway) or we will BITCHSLAP YOU!


Daily news, videos, pictures & more! Come join!


A picture of the day ~ everyday! Just pictures! Picspams welcome too! Come join now! (:


In the tradition of groups like hp_britglish, sg_research, askahistorian, and little_details, this community is to help find the answers to real world details needed by fanfic authors, but with a specific focus on Twilight.

7. Before the Dawn RPG

Break the Dawn is a Twilight RPG that will begin nearly a month before Bella's arrival in Forks, Washington. The game will play through the events in the first book, as well as other scenes that are developed in the game itself.
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