z (daffodiltardis) wrote in lion_lamb,

Blinded Ch 1/?

Title: Blinded
Rating: PG just to be safe
POV: Edward
Summary: I was no longer trying to get through one day, I was focussing on making it through the hour." - Edward, New Moon. What if Edward returned to Bella before she jumped off the cliff? What if it had become all too much? Would she take him back?
Author's Notes: This idea came to me after reading New Moon and I let it fester until I decided to write it. It's my first Twilight fan fic and my first specially written fan fic in almost two years. Hope you like it.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, it all belongs to Stephenie Meyer, I'm just playing in her toy box.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4689183/1/
Tags: fanfiction
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