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Dutch Twilight postcards by Boomerang + Rob in Gala

Last Friday i saw these cards and i started squeeling..
so i ended up taking them all with me.. (the guy standing next to me looked pissed.. i wonder why)

It's from 'Boomerang'.. they give out free post cards..

kay it's nothing special, but fun nonetheless..

i've also got a scan of Rob in the Dutch Gala from a while back..

all under the cut


bigger version here:

i also just found it on the site

Mostly because of his hair, alot of girls are a fan off him.
In home country Great-Brittain, Robert Pattinson (22) is called the star of tomorrow.
Robert, Model and Actor, played the role of handsome Cedric Diggory in HP4.
Next year we'll see him once more on the big screen in the movie adaptation of Twilight, as the vampire in love, Edward.
(i know it's not cannon, but in big lines it's what it says)

For the dutch people:
some more news..
(while we're at it) MTV and TMF are now showing the twilight trailer on TV.. it's coming on quite often.. so check it out.. the dutch subs suck btw.. and it's rated kijkwijzer 12 (pg12ish)..

and if you haven't seen it yet.. twilight was mentione don RTL Boulevard the 26th.. it's 3 minutes long and it's got loads of Rob & Kristen in it..

Cosmo Girl has a A4 poster of the movie with Emmett, alice, Edward, Bella, Rose & Jasper on it and the dutch release date.. and Veronica magazine have reviewed the movie with a 4-outta-5-stars ranking, because all they didn't about it was that 'the running looked fake'.. but it's got some pretty pictures in it as well..

and that's it.. ^_ ^
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