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imprinting question

I hope this isn't too much of a stupid question. :) I just finished reading Eclipse for the first time, and throughout I had this one question nagging at me, but none of my Twilight-reading friends have been able to answer me clearly so far.

Has Jacob imprinted himself on Bella? One of my friends likes to think that he has and is just keeping it a secret and being self-sacrificing. I assumed not, because he seemed to begrudgingly say "no" when Bella asked him. I think that if he had, Edward would have found out too. Plus, I can't really picture Jacob being self-sacrificing to begin with! He totally would have used Edward's understanding of imprinting (about how it's stronger that any love) to his advantage.

So if he hasn't imprinted on Bella, then why would she even consider a relationship with him, when at any point in the future he might meet his other half and leave her abruptly? Wouldn't she just end up in the same position that Leah did?

I just don't understand why this isn't an issue for either of them.
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