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In Bed With…Robert Pattinson

My first post gets their astrological guru to decipher the insanely hot Rob Pattinson. It made for a great read that left me wanting more! One can never get enough of Rob! God was seriously showing off when he made Rob.

and yeah, they photoshopped


Born: May 13, 1986 London, Time Unknown
Sun Sign (Basic Self): Taurus
Ascendant (Social Façade): ?
Moon (Emotions): Cancer

Love Style:

Under that floppy hair is a boy made of total mush. Most likely a sensitive and reliable type, Robert isn’t the kind of guy that’s too daring when it comes to committed love. He’s naturally polite and likes the familiar. Deep down, as it goes, he’s fairly traditional, striving for relationships that offer comfort and security. He’s not scared of commitment, appreciating routines and intimate circles in which he can rely on for the long term. However, with duality in his tastes, there’s a schism in his approach towards women as he views love and lust being two separate entities. Yes, he’s that unfortunate type that lusts for them wild, but loves them motherly. So, until he learns to reconcile his two extremes, monogamy isn’t his strong suite. 

Sex Style:

The more he cares, the longer he’ll last. If he’s crazy about you, then you can count on a good time, as this is the boy that can go long and strong and really give it his all. He’s born under the sign of sensuality and is in touch with his emotions. However, he won’t reveal too much and will take time in improving his game, as he starts off rough. It takes time for him to find his groove with each conquest, which ultimately settles him to be a gentle lover that is giving, affectionate and consistent. He’s all for the candlelight and cuddling, but only under the right ambiance, as all the details about the sex culminate to matter for his sex. His one downside, his attention span is temperamental and he may stop suddenly, switch gears and be emotionally and intellectually fickle.

His Type:

Robert is a classic mama’s boy, so he loves woman at the extremes. More classic and prim ladies bring out his emotional side, but straight up open and outrageous is what’ll float his boat. Having a good boy/bad boy complex, he’s the type that likes it simple — girls that are not heavily made-up and look effortless, but then likes to rebel against his own nature and go for the vixen. While he’ll bolster his ego with girls that love trouble, he’s best with someone that’s low-key. However, to resolve his ideal into one, his soul mate is most likely a nurturing lady that suffers from a raging case of the virgin/whore complex with a bubbly booty, long hair, suppleness to her sex appeal and an ability for domesticity with a quick wit. Yes, someone that he can bring home to mommy, but also a lady that appeases his daddy.

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