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The Search For Myself : Chapter 3: Crash Course Into Insanity

Chapter 3 HERE
Story: The Search For Myself - Edward & Bella
Chapter: 3 : Crash Course Into Insanity
Story Breakdown: What if the roles were revearsed, making Bella the vampire and Edward the human? Would they still intertwine, as fate has pre-determined? Or would things be more complicated? Read to find out.
Chapter Breakdown: Bella gives Edward a ride to the party, despite her instincts telling her to stay clear of him. But what they discover on different paths on this night may intertwine them after all...
Spoilers: None aware of
Rated: T for now, but M for later, possibly.

[Hey everyone. I'm sorry I haven't been on the threads/boards for awhile. I lost my Aunt Debbie on Nov 25th, and it's been very difficult for me to deal with. She half-raised me, and I lived with her for a long time. Her funeral was today. :( But she always told me I had a story to tell, so even if this is just practice for my real book I will get published one day, I figured I'd post it.]
Tags: fanfiction
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