Myesha (mushu603) wrote in lion_lamb,

Twilight movie animations(MOVIE SPOILERS!)

So I decided to give animations a try, these are not icons, they are just some animations you can post in your journal and stare. They are very very amaturish(I don't think that's a word), but I'm deciding to share anyway. They will get better as I practice more. If you post these anywhere else remember to CREDIT and for the love me and god, DO NOT HOTLINK. The same rules that apply to my icons, apply to these too, even if these are mediocre. They are rather slow playing but I think that has to do with the size of them. NOT DIAL UP FRIENDLY WHATSOEVER!

+COMMENT if taking and/or just cuz you love me :D
+NO EDITING(without my permission)

28 animations in total, but divided into 4 different posts. Links to other posts are at the end of the first entry I am linking you to.
Tags: fan art: animations
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