Not a lady at all (cosmo_jenny) wrote in lion_lamb,
Not a lady at all

European Twilighters united

(With permission of enamors)

First off, I am sorry to hav been a lazy ass and do this now that it is almost too late.
I posted the entry to gauge interest in a planned Twilight trip to the Netherlands (or any other neighbor country that shows Twilight earlier than Germany).

So, I am not sure how many of you actually already went out of country to see Twilight but I still want to offer you a place to find like-minded people and maybe go see the movie with them.

I created twilight_eu. Currently, nothing is going on there but I hope you, European Twilighters, make it a friendly and busy place.

You can try and find others to meet and see Twilight together or- now that Rob and Kristen are coming to promote Twilight in Europe - organize meet-ups to see them.

(Mods, if anything needs to be corrected, I am happy to do it)
Tags: promotion: fan projects, promotion: lj communities
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