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Hot Topic Reply and Trading Cards

I emailed hot topic a day ago asking them if they were expecting any other types of merchandise other than t-shirts (I know I'm not the only one dying for an Edward Cullen blanket) and this was Hello There, Thank you for emailing hottopic.com, we appreciate your interest! One key thing to know is that when an item is sold out, it is removed from our website. If you can't find something you seen in the past, chances are it is no longer available. If there is a specific item you are looking for, we can always check our inventory and/ or inform our buyers and analysts of your interest. Although we may not be able to bring back an "old" item, we can definitely pass on your feedback for future consideration. This being the case, what I can do for you, is send over your request to our buyers. This way, they can be made aware of your interest in seeing more of the Twilight merchandise, Also, I will check with our Internet Analyst to see if there are current plans to bring more of shirts, jewelries and blankets in the future. Once I hear back from her, I will send you an email right away. If there is anything else we can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. Have a great day. Jasmine Hot Topic Customer Service 800-892-8674

So I'm crossing my fingers the reply comes fast and that they'll be blankets!

Also just checking hot topic now I found they now have the trading cards up for sale:

Twilight Trading Card Pack
This Twilight trading card pack includes scenes from the movie and character cards. 6 cards per pack. Imported.
Tags: etc: apparel/merchandise
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