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The Holiday [2/?]

Title: The Holiday [2/?] All-Human, AU, Slightly OOC
Author: the_glory_days 
Beta: cevuplay
Pairing: Bella/Edward, Alice/Jasper
Rating: Mature
POV: Third
Disclaimer: Everything and anything related to the Twilight saga belongs to Stephenie Meyer. This is a work of fiction based on her writings. No harm is meant by it. The title belongs to the movie with the same name. No harm or copyright infringement meant by any of the italicized portions taken from the HomeExchange.com website.
Summary: Bella Swan and Alice Cullen both find themselves at the end of failed relationships just before Christmas. Bella decides to take a two week vacation and surfs the internet. She meets Alice online, and they agree to swap their homes for the holidays. Alice lives in a small town near Seattle and Bella lives in New York City. Even though they now have a change of scenery and want no contact with men, they are both still depressed and lonely. But things are about to change when Alice’s brother, Edward drops by her house and meets Bella. In New York, Alice meets Jasper, a friend of Bella's, who is a military museum curator. Romance is in the air and sparks are about to fly. [Loosely based on the movie]

LJ LINK: Chapter Two: House of Wolves
FF. NET LINK: Chapter Two: House of Wolves
Tags: fanfiction
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