Captain Haeley Chett (loveohlovelove) wrote in lion_lamb,
Captain Haeley Chett

ADmaodijwdw. HELP.

I just, finally, finished reading Eclipse. The Epilogue really bothered me. And now I can't wait to read Breaking Dawn. adkapdkawpd

I wonder ---and please I hope you could help me---why did Jacob ran away after he read Edward's note? Why do you think he did that? (I don't think he did it to attend the wedding)

What do you think would happen next?

And lol. Crazy as I may seem but the last statement Billy gave to Jacob really pushed my confusion into heights (the statement: "Not too late"), but please prove me wrong, why is it that it makes me feel like as if Jacob would try to reason, yet again, to Bella to change her mind? And do you think so?


Please clear my head. Thanks! 
Tags: books: eclipse, discussion: book

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