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One Night Stand

Title: One Night Stand

Author: eccentric_chams 

Characters/Paring: Edward/Bella, other canon

Rating: R (for this chapter, at least)

Category: Romantic Comedy, perhaps a bit of Drama

Spoilers: Maybe Breaking Dawn…but it’s all human, so nothing really….

Summary: After a celebratory night out, Edward Cullen wakes up in Bella Swan's apartment and leaves unannounced. She plagues his thoughts for a month thereafter, so imagine his surprise when she calls with shocking news. Will this one night stand turn into forever? AU/AH

Thanks to all who have been reviewing! I think I might possibly get the very next chapter out tomorrow, or Thanksgiving morning. Depending if I can get it back from a Beta soon enough. ^_^ Let me know what you think, little lovelies.

Chapter Seven or
From the Beginning

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