Little Sullen Girl (avintageidea) wrote in lion_lamb,
Little Sullen Girl


Twilight: Vampires! Mortals! Gadgets!


In this weekend's chart-topping, blood-sucking hit Twilight, Edward and Bella share an affinity for each other — as well as technology to my delight.

First we'll start with Bella, who is outfitted with a white Nokia 7360 (from the appropriately named L'amour collection). Bella, who we'd already seen as an iPod fan in the movie and in real life, also uses a (now) previous generation black MacBook (and weren't those Google searches about vampires in different cultures astoundingly robust? Hmmm . . . ).

And then there's Edward. I was disappointed that his mind-reading abilities exempt him from being attached to a cell phone, but vindicated when I saw his room: Antique jukebox, speaker sound system and turntable, flat screen TV, and big, over-ear headphones. All the marks of a legitimate, brooding audiophile. I didn't spot a computer in his room, but he's far from a Luddite — I had another reason to swoon over him when he explained to Bella that he'd had an adrenaline rush: "You can Google it."

What did you think about the tech in Twilight (including the creepiest use of a video camera ever)?


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