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Interview with Peter Facinelli

Direct from Peter's official myspace! This Bulletin just got posted.

Just wanted to let everyone know that Peter just wrapped up a chat with the ladies over at TwilightMoms. com. To see a copy of the transcripts, please visit the blog.

Peter : Hi... Dr.Cullen here. Very Happy

TM:How often do you get to see your family while you are shooting a film?Do they get to come visit you? Is it hard to be away from your kids fora long time?

Peter: I try to see my family at least every two weeks. But it doesn'talways work out. I haven't seen them for three weeks now. Although I'mtrying to head back this weekend.

Sometimes they visit, but with the kids in school, its difficult. But with Skype we video chat every night.

TM: So, how are they going to change your eye color for the movie. Contacts or CGI?? Can't wait to be dazzled!

Peter: We are all wearing contacts. They look amazing, very golden, and I hope you all like them.

TM: How did filming go today???

Peter:Filming went well, although, we really can't shoot in sunny weather, sothey had to go to indoor stuff. I got to shoot some of the baseballplaying later in the afternoon.

TM: Have you read all three books?

Peter: Yea, I have read all three books and can't wait for the next one. I'm hooked.

TM: After reading the books and the script, what do you consider to be the most important characteristic of Carlisle and why?

Peter:Great question. I love Carlisle's compassion towards others. I lovethat he's from another time period too. I see him as very gentlemanlyand refined.

TM: How would you describe the dynamic of the relationship between Carlisle and Edward?

Peter:The relationship with Edward is very much like a present day father/teenage son relationship to me. Edward is going through a difficultperiod, trying to find himself, trying to figure out who and what heis, and Dr. Cullen is their to guide him. Cullen's been there, andunderstands what Edward is feeling but there is only so much I can do.Edward has to figure things out for himself as well, just like typicalteenagers. You can advise them, try to protect them, but at the end ofthe day they need to figure things out for themselves.

TM: What did Luca and Lola first say when they saw daddy's new hair?

Peter:I could shave my head and I don't think they'd notice. Kids get wrappedup in their own lives. I actually had to say, what do you think ofDaddy's hair?" and they were like, "cool dad."

TM: Do you believe that vampires have souls? (Just Stephenie Meyer's vampires of course)

Peter:As Dr. Cullen, yes I do believe that we have souls. In my view of thischaracter, Dr. Cullen feels like he is stronger than what he was forcedto become. Speaking as Cullen, I believe that Vampires are like rabiddogs. They live to feed. What I have accomplished goes beyond beingVampire. I have held on to my human side. And in doing that, I believethat the way of life I have created is stronger than the ordinaryvampire. To be strong enough to choose not to feed on humans, takesgreat will and strength. To be able to pull that off makes us neitherVampire or human, but more super human. To have the abilities we have,and immortality, is a gift. That is what I bestowed upon my family andtried to convince the Volturi many years ago.

Edward doesn't always agree.

TM: Where do you stand on Bella becoming a vampire? Are you pro or anti bite?

Peter:As for Bella... It is a difficult situation. I understand why she wantsto become one of us, but, I also cherish humanity and would not want totake that away from her if she had a choice.

TM: Where you one of the cast members that had dinner with Steph? Did she give you some background on Dr.C?

There is so much hinted at in the books about his background, his library, lots of books, pictures, his father's cross.

Peter:Yes. I had dinner with Steph. She is amazing, and I am grateful thatshe has created these characters. We didn't really get into thecharacter that much. I felt from reading her books, and all of theinformation I gathered on the web, I had so much information to have anunderstanding of who I thought Dr. Cullen is, and at the end of the daydo my job of interpreting that information and creating a character.

TM:The Twilight Fans can be pretty critical when it comes to the movie.How do you keep from letting any negativity get to you?

Peter:There is a great pressure to appease the fans, but I am realistic thatnot everyone is going to be appeased, as everyone has thereinterpretation from reading the books, and some may be different thenothers. I have processed all of the information and created my owninterpretation. My job is to be truthful within that interpretation,and to the facts in the books. I hope people are happy with myrendition. I have put a lot of work thinking about him andunderstanding him, as have the other cast with their characters.

TM: Can I just say that this is so fun? Thank you so much for coming and answering our questions.
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Peter: Glad to be here. I am a fan myself so it is just as fun for me.

TM: What scene are you most excited about filming??

Peter: I take it day by day. Right now we are playing some wicked Vampire Baseball and having a blast.

TM: Are you all playing your own baseball? Are you as good as vampires? Wink

Peter:I played baseball while in High School so it has been fun reliving myglory days. Some of the cast had not played, so like Dr. Cullen wouldhave, I taught them some pointers.

TM: Have you changedany bad habits you might have had prior to filming since they have somany younger fans that might try to imitate them?

Peter:As far as bad habits... I stopped biting my nails for the first time inmy life to play this character. And got a manicure for the first timein my life. I just didn't think Dr. Cullen's nails would be chewed up.

TM:Your wife is quoted as saying: "Marriages aren't easy, and we're justlike any other couple. We have our roadblocks, but we get around them,and our family prevails. We are so happy we have a normal, groundedlife to keep us centered."
How do you maintain a grounded life?

Peter:My wife and I have been together for 13 years. I don't exactly know howwe survive. I think it's just being fully committed to making it work.We have an amazing family, three beautiful children, a great house...We have our bad days but our good days outweigh them, and we try toremember how fortunate we are.

TM: What do you enjoy most about making Twilight?

Peter:This role has been a lot of fun to take on. Dr. Cullen's lived throughmany centuries, time periods, and places. I felt the need to understandall of the time periods he lived in, and what the places were like atthe time. I went through many books, and websites, gathering all thatinformation, to help me understand all the periods he's gone throughthat have affected his character. It was a great history lesson and funresearching.

TM: What do you enjoy the most about being on location?

Peter: As far as Portland. I shot my first movie here 14 years ago, so its kind of feels like coming full circle to be back.

TM: Any idea when the movie will be released? There's been a lot of talk about this December! Do you know if that's legit?

Peter: I believe it is December.

TM: How does it feel to be the leader of the Cullen family? How are things for the Cullen family both on and off screen?

Peter:I'm about 12-14 years older than most of the cast. So in a way I feellike the dad of the group. We all get along pretty great. It'sinteresting because in a way, we've taken on some of the traits of ourcharacters, so it is easier to see each other in the roles.

Emmett is always in the gym... HAHA.

TM: Do you know how long filming is going to take?

Peter: We will be filming until the end of April.

TM: The books are for 'young adults' (obviously not strictly)
Do you think they are taking the movie a step further to create a bigger audience? Such as, adding more action, more romance.

Peter:I believe the movie will be PG-13. They are doing their best to addaction to make it entertaining, but I promise it won't undermine thelove story.

TM: What do you think of the way they aregoing to promote this movie? I hear so much about how bad promotion canhurt a movie. What else can we fans do to help make this beyond huge?

Peter:I think the trailers will be great, and will help draw people that arenot familiar with the book. But if you guys want to see the sequelsthen, we have to make the first one successful, so word of mouth, byall of the TWILIGHT fans, would be a big help, to get audiences in theseats this December. I am looking forward to fighting alongside somewerewolves...

TM: Who are your heroes?

Peter:Paul Newman and Robert Redford. When I was younger I read biography onButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They inspired me.

TM: What made you want to become an actor?

Peter:To explore different facets of myself, to live many lifetimes in one,to study human nature, and be able portray different people isdifferent occupations; with different lives in different circumstancesis why I act.

What other occupation would allow me to explore the world of a 350 year old Vampire? Laughing

TM:So much of Stephenie Meyer's characterization is nonverbal. Does ittranslate well to the screenplay, or is a familiarity with the novel(s)necessary for this project?

Peter:Kristen is so good at conveying so much without saying a word. She isBella... I think everyone will be very pleased with her performance.

Iwant to thank everyone for writing in. Unfortunately, I, unlikeCarlisle, need a bit of sleep, and have to get up very early for somemore baseball.

Just so you know... Jasper, Rosalie, and I are winning. Although Esme thinks we cheat so it's debatable.

Love to do another one again soon. Maybe next time in character as Dr. Cullen

GoodnightTwilight Moms... And thank you for all of your support. Sorry for anymisspelled words. I was trying to type as fast as I could peck. Very Happy


- source

Sorry for the wack word smushing! I copied it right from his blog =)

edit: I really love his views and take on playing Carlisle. He seems to really love it and takes it very seriously! Needless to say I'm still pretty excited! =D
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