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Fanfic - Room Fourteen

Title: Room Fourteen
Author: Noelle / whoremosexual
Characters/Pairing: Bella and Edward
Rating: M
Warnings: This is an AH fanfic. Also sightly OOC
Summary: "They knew this wasn't right. They could see that clearly, but did they care? No. No, they didn't." Edward and Bella are crossing the line even though both of them are married to other people. One-shot.
Notes: This was made for the November fanfiction contest. A big thanks to spread_the_fun for being my beta. :)

They knew this wasn't right. They could see that clearly, but did they care? No. No, they didn't.

Edward and Bella had been friends since they were children. Seen each other's ups and downs. Been through hell and back again. Laughed when something was funny and stayed still when something wasn't. Never compared scars because it would always end in a tie. Their parents thought they would end up together but when Bella married Mike and Edward tied the knot with Tanya, they were more than shocked - confusion had found them.

Mike was nice and most of the time Tanya was, too. From the outside, it looked like two perfect marriages but it was far from it. And that's all because Bella was now walking to room fourteen at the not so classy Fork motel. She was no longer nervous or even ashamed. The way she felt when the motel door open made any of those feelings fade. She knocked their special knock; two quick knocks then one gentle knock. They came up with this when Edward found out that there was a lock on the bedroom door he had when he was younger. Where was the fun in just simply knocking? There wasn't any, of course. Bella had to smother the longing of wanting someone to see her. To tell Mike and have him leave her so she could be with Edward. She needed to think clearer. Edward is her best friend and Mike is her husband. Who was she kidding? She was fucking her best friend and barely talking to her husband. Bella took in a deep breath as she waited for Edward to answer.

Edward was always the first one to come to the motel. It was an unspoken deal with them. He'd fall upon the bed, trying to to calm himself. It had be a whole week since the last time Bella and him touched one another and he could feel it in his bones.
 He wished he wasn't so addicted to her. It would make life simpler if she could just be  his best friend like she was before. But no matter how hard he wished it, his life would mean nothing if he couldn't smell her, kiss her, and touch her flawless skin.

Edward ran his hand over his face. Why did it have to be this way? Why did they have to sneak around? Why couldn't they just live happily ever after in each other's arms? He had to stop himself. He didn't have any answers to those questions. Before he could think anymore about those unanswered questions, there was a knock on the door. Their knock. He had to literally bite his lip when he opened the door. Bella stood there in baby blue sun dress that hugged her small form. Her chocolate-colored hair was hanging over her shoulders. She was always beautiful, but the need to touch her made her shine even more. Edward moved out of the way so Bella could enter the motel room.

Bella knew what was going to happen next. It happened every single time and it made her excited just thinking about it. Edward pushed her against the wall, rough but somehow gently at the same time, and pinned her wrists above her head. The  lust swimming in his eyes which made Bella whimper. She needed to kiss him, to taste the sweetness of him but every time she tried, he moved his head. He wasn't playing fair. A whole week and he was going to tease her?

“Do. Not. Tease. Me. Edward. Cullen.” Bella told him through her teeth.

Edward smiled a little evil grin as his lips found hers. It wasn't soft or gentle. They moved fast and rough. This is what a week of being apart did to them. They both moaned into each other's mouths. Their lips melted together. It was like a fuse just had been lit, and at any second they were going to explode.

Even though Edward was giving Bella want she wanted, he still found a way to tease her. He still had her wrists pinned to the wall and it was slowly driving her crazy. Yes, the kissing was amazing but she still needed to touch his god-like body. She whimpered the second he fully let go of her lips. Bella didn't care if she looked  pathetic or weak. She needed him and she would never be ashamed of that. It was a whole different game when Edward started to suck, nibble, and kiss her bare neck.

“Ed-Edward...Please...I need you...Now.” Bella begged him.

That was Edward's undoing. When Bella needed him and couldn't take the teasing anymore. That's all he would ever need. Her wanting, needing, and loving him would be heaven on earth. Edward let go her wrist so he could pick her up.

The second Edward let go of Bella's wrist, she took a hold of his hair as she kissed him, feverishly. She could feel Edward stumble around, trying to find the bed but she really didn't care. There was no way she was letting go of his lips. Suddenly, she could feel their bodies hit the bed. They both needed to catch their breath so Bella released his lips. They begged for air as they started to strip off their clothes.

When they were fully naked, Edward just looked at Bella. She was astonishing without even trying. Bella could simply kill him with her beautiful body. He was about to kiss her but Bella's wedding ring caught his eye. It was a thin gold band with a  pea-sized diamond. What a joke He thought to himself. She deserved a big, beautiful diamond ring not that cheap looking thing. Edward didn't want to see it on her anymore.

Take it off.” Edward said through his teeth.

Bella looked at him confused “What? Take off what?”

“Please, Bella. Take off that ring.”

It was not good how fast Bella ripped off her wedding ring. She didn't even need to think about it. But even though it might not be a good thing, she would do anything for Edward. She smiled at him as she placed the ring on the nightstand.

Their lips found each other as Edward gently parted Bella's legs. He could be like an animal when they would kiss but when sex came into the picture, he was always gentle. His manhood slipped into her as her arms wrap around his neck. Every time he rocked into her, Bella felt like she was flying.

This was truly heaven to them. They didn't think about their spouses or the consequences that would come with this affair. All that matter was their bodies being together.

The truth will come out. Mike and Tanya will find out about their cheating partners. Tears and cruel words will fall and pain will be unavoidable. Edward and Bella will not know what to do but they will they have each other.

And that's all they could ask for.

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