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"Corona:" The unofficial "fifth book" of the Twilight series [fanfiction]

Title: Corona
Author: Arre
Characters: All the originals, plus some new ones :-)
Rating: PG-13
Category: Romance, Action/Adventure
Spoilers: The story takes place after Breaking Dawn (ie: spoilers from all 4 Twilight books).

This is the fanfiction I wrote, based on the Twilight series books. I tried to stay as true to the orignal ideas and intents of the story as I could. I feel that anyone can write a fanfiction, but it's a challenge to make it fit into the original story as seamlessly as possible, while still including my own personal "flare." With that said, I consider Corona the unofficial "fifth book" in the series (meaning it takes place after Breaking Dawn). I say this with the upmost respect for Stephenie Meyer and her work. This story is in honor of that work.

This story is written in a similar style to that of Breaking Dawn (meaning that it's broken up into 3 books: the first is told from Bella's perspective, the second from the perspective of another character, and the third is back to Bella).


“Mommy?” Renesmee’s voice came from the back seat.
“Yes sweetie,” I answered.
“Why are you upset?” she asked.
“Just some things have me worried,” I answered, trying to sound reassuring.
Renesmee was quiet for a minute. “You know what, Mommy?” she asked.
“What honey?”
“Me, you and Daddy are together, aren’t we?”
“Yes baby,” I answered.
“Then everything will be alright,” she said with conviction.
I closed my eyes and smiled a little. What I wouldn’t give for child-like innocence and faith. Was I better off knowing the “grown up” things I did, or was she better off knowing the “simple” things she did?
Should I hold to her conviction that everything would be fine, or should I give into the worry that gripped me? The worry that had me feeling this wasn’t going to end well.

Story can be found at

Tags: fanfiction
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