Liset Eveline (lee_seth) wrote in lion_lamb,
Liset Eveline

Dutchy people! READ THIS! (and Germans too)UPDATED!

EARLY SHOWING IN THE NETHERLANDS! is so very nice to inform us with the great news that  2  NOW 3 cinema's in this teeny-weeny country will have early showings of twilight. *squee*

you can buy tickets for Pathe Groningen (nearest to Germany.. hence the (and germans too) in the subject line) and Pathe De Kuip (Rotterdam) for showings on NOVEMBER 29th!!! (saturday)

Pathe Spuimarkt (Den Haag) will be showing twilight on december 3rd at 9.30 pm!

i myself live in Utrecht, so both are too far away.. but if you want to see the movie 5 days earlier than Dec. 4th.. here's ur chance.

The link to the pathe twilight site

the link to the reservation site
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