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Youtube Movie Discussion !

I made a video on Youtube for reviews/comments from Twitubers of the movie =]
We're trying to reach 1000 reviews, so let's help?
If you have a review or want to review the movie go comment HERE!

It's really good for clearing up any bad reviews and such with other twitubers.

Here's the video:

Some great comments/reviews from various Twitubers:

Very good. A little heavy on the drama than the action. Seemed more for a teen audience than adult, but mature still. I have a weakness and her name is Nikki Reed and although she plays a small part in the movie, she does well and looks fantastic. I get introduced to Ashley Greene in this movie another hottie. Although the rules always change for vamps, this is done well and the characters are convincing. It ends well and leaves the door wide open for a sequel. 4 of 5 stars.

It surpassed my expectations. Wasnt flawless either. The pace & some scenes are a bit erratic, some music didnt fit well, and they didn't specify Edward had composed the lullaby for Bella, just showed him paying it. These are really minor and didnt bother me tho. Overall it was beautiful and amazing. There are actually a few scenes that I liked better than the book; like the baseball scene, the fight scene, The kiss! My favorite and the most perfect scene of all was the prom/ending.

I think it was done to the best of its ability and what they had to work with (low budget). Did some of the special effects make me cringe with how "low budget" it was? YES (the running, jumping and scaling tress... too fake) Did Rob and Kristen have amazing chemistry? HELLS YES!!!!! I mean I expected it to be good, but it was reall really good. And I also have to say that I did enjoy the 'sparkle' effect. If it was more it would have been overpowering. It was beautifully done. Oh and all the flashback scenes they added I think were GENIUS! It was great especially when Jacob was telling the legend of the cold ones. Yea speaking of Jacob, he shouldnt have been in the movie so much, but the look Edward and Jacob had between them spoke volumes. It was a great way to lead into the coming films. ALSO, Bella and Charlie's relationship was spot on, kinda awkward but loving at the same time. Really cute.

Honestly, I thought it was pretty bad. The dialogue is poorly written. The acting, particular Kristen Stewart's, wasn't good. Rob wasn't bad. I think he's got room to improve. Honestly, there were some parts were I laughed because it was genuinely funny. However, there were pretty serious parts that I also laughed at. So, yeah, the movie was meh for me. It didn't help that people screamed every time Edward or Jacob came on or there was a scene with Edward and Bella. The thing is, I was kinda forced to come. I'm not really a huge fan of the books, so, eh, if you wanna take my advice, I would say to save your 10 bucks. If you like the books or are obsessed like some people, you may like it.
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