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talking about twilight/edward and bella, interview with kristen, and other one with robert. I'll not translate everything just because... I'll not. Are nothing new ;) u_u'
anyway, 9 pages (or something like this) for you. the scans are NOT mine, but just for you know ;)

Hm... let me see... questions that I liked (I don't know if I'm writing right, but I really hope you understand XD)

* I: "Who is the coolest guy: Harry Potter or Edward?" K:"Happy Potter is cute, but Edward... I hate answer this questions (laughs)"
* I:"Robert has some defect?" (Is about Robert clothes) Kristen told to the mag. that robert never changed his clothes and he has a... particular smell.
*She told about her shoes (Toms).
They asked about what kind of books she likes to read she answer: I read so many times "East of Eden" from John Steinbeck. There is a book that all my family read. Is weird, because I always go to the bookstore but I never saw Twilight."
*Did you have some love like the Bella? "Not like her. I don't know with this love there is in real life. But I'm in love with my best friend (♥)" (best friend = her boyfriend = Michael Angarano)

I: Kristen told us that you don't change your clothes. Is true? Robert answer that he don't understand his side of him. "I don't have too much clothes that I like ans as I always traveling, I just use the same clothes too many times... Why do I tellin you this? (laughs)
*They asked to him about the hair (NEW! ¬¬') xD how does he brush huahauahuahuahua he just answer "My hair? (like surprise...). Wow. The people talk about my hair. My father tell me that I never liked to brush my hair when I was kid"
*I:"Do you have something in common with Edward?" R: A little bit of the personality. Edward like me, he take serious what he feels and he seems a little crazy (laughs)"
*About his kind of girl, he said he likes the problematic ones, but hes is changing :O
*About the reaction of the fans: "...I'm surprise with the reaction of the fans, but I know that all the noise is for Edward, and not for me"
(I think you are wrong baby R. *_*)

.About Taylor, they said HUAHAUAHUAHUA that even with the wig (?), he still beautiful x)~~

Interview with the Vampire. hauhauahua omg :|
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