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Twilight Wallpapers!

Alrighty! Saw the Twilight movie twice and I now I need a place to channel my overwhelming Twilight love. :P

A few rules, please...
-Please don't steal/claim as your own.
-No HOTLINKING! Please don't do it, it's rude and posting the 'I'm a thief, ask me how!' is bleh-worthy.
-Do not change the wallpapers final form (i.e. icons/signatures/etc), nor use parts of my finished wallpapers in new ones. They are created to be the way they are, please don't mess with it. If you want to do something of the likes, let me know. I usually always say yes.
-I don't mind re-posting. The only thing I ask is that you please credit my LJ and/or Primordial Souls.
-If you fancy another size and don't have the means, just ask and I shall make you one. :)
-Feel free to friend me, if you wish.
-I accept wallpaper requests on my tagboard and tutorial requests. Please check out Primordial Souls. :)

Twilight (Book Series/Movie) - 5
Bella/Edward - 3
Edward Cullen - 1
James - 1
Kristen/Robert (VF shoot) - 1[

No spoilers other than what's already been leaked before the movie release.


Just sick and masochistic, is all...
Tags: fan art: wallpapers
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