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~message from the mods~

We've been getting a lot of posts submitted into the queue the past couple of weeks, and due to the amount of press the movie/Rob and Kristen have been getting, we've been finding that the comm has been....overloaded so to say, sometimes with double posting or some spam. We can take the blame for some of this, but we really need you guys to help.

  • ALL FANWORKS not tagged correctly will be rejected (graphics, fanfiction, etc). It's really not hard to tag these correctly, so please, just do it right the first time.

  • Interviews/videos/articles for the other cast members/characters. = Rejection. GUYS, this comm is Edward/Bella. There are other communities for the other, and honestly? We don't want to come to lion_lamb and see "Taylor Lautner loves Jacob Black and thinks Kristen Stewart is hot." So unless they talk about R/K or E/B or bring up some NEW information on the movie in general, don't even bother submitting it.

  • Please go through the tags to see if something has already been posted. If you find a new source, but it has the same information as another source that was already posted....seriously, don't even. And starting an entry off like "I know this information has already been posted" certainly doesn't help either.

  • Posts about Robert and Kristen's personal life....NO. We'll allow the general paparazzi pictures, but in terms of any romantic relationship between the two or rumors going on about one or the other, no. Kristen has a boyfriend, and as far as we know, Rob is single. There are other communities that are more appropriate for these conversations, and honestly us mods are getting tired of having to tell people to stop bashing Michael. There's no reason to even bring him up. We're not trying to stop you from fangirling over them, but jeez, learn to control yourselves. There are boundaries, and Michael is one of them.

  • When posting an article/interview, remember to C&P at least a paragraph into your post before linking to the source. Two reasons. 1) To not do this, well that's just laziness and 2) We're all too lazy to go look for ourselves. :D

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