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weekly recommendation post #14

weekly recommendation post.

Here's this week's post to rec your favorite Edward/Bella fics, fan videos, fan artists, and everything else in between. Also use this post for all your general fic searches!

Personal Recs of the Week

You have turned me into this - This is made by my good friend Anna and every time she makes a new mix, I pretty much die from excitement. All of the ones she makes are excellent and this is no exception. If you want a fresh fanmix that doesn't make you want to die from the cliche, overused songs, this is the one for you. DOWNLOAD IT. (Mix for Breaking Dawn).

Twilight Music Girls - I'll be honest here: I pretty much rolled my eyes at all of these little bands and singers inspired by the series, but after seeing these girls play live on Sunday at Twilight Live, I have to say that these girls have actual talent. So, if you're interested in music inspired by Edward, Bella, etc...definitely check them out.

Hiding in Plain Sight by limona - The latest chapter may be the best one yet, heh. Really, really interesting and different from most AH fic.

And the mods permanent rec: Innocent, Vigilant, Ordinary by Oxymoronic8 - if you haven't read this already, drop whatever you're doing right this second and get to it.
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