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More info about the Japanese release of "Breaking Dawn"/the "Twilight" movie

Okay you guys, I know this is probably the third post about the Japanese release of "Breaking Dawn" that I'm making, but once again, there's new info as well as a very nice looking homepage about the Japanese volumes of "Breaking Dawn" that was put up today by the publisher villagebooks. Here's a little sneak peek at the page:


As I guessed right, "Breaking Dawn" will be split into four books in Japan, probably due to the number of pages BD has. The volume titles are as follows:

Volume 10: "vampire no hanayome" ("the vampire bride")
Volume 11: "yoake no shugojin" ("the guardian deity of dawn")
Volume 12: "fumetsu no ko" ("the immortal child")
Volume 13: "eien ni dakarete" ("embraced by eternity")

They will all have, once again, illustrations by GotsuboxRyuji. I'll surely buy them all and I can honestly recommend the Japanese volumes to each and everyone of you. Even if you can't read Japanese, that particular edition of the books is very beautiful, especially because of the glossy book jacket with the "Twilight + number of volume" being printed on a shiny hologram paper and, of course, the illustrations.

As for the movie, the Homepage says that the release date for Japan is spring 2009. This is not very unusual, as movies are often released a bit later in Japan than in the rest of the world. BUT Japan will probably get loads of special merchandise as well as special cover shootings for movie magazines. I'll keep my eyes open ;)

Link to the "Breaking Dawn" homepage:

And finally, for all of you who'd love to have a bigger version of the picture on the homepage... here you go ;)

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