hi, i'm julie. (winsomewords) wrote in lion_lamb,
hi, i'm julie.

fan review master post.

Post your reviews of the movie here! Please only post fan-written reviews here, as we'll have a second post for critics.

On Thursday night, we'll also have two posts going up to accomodate the critics and the lovers of the movie just as we did for Breaking Dawn so keep that in mind that we will be having further discussion posts and this one is just going to be for posting your reviews(but feel free to discuss those here too). ;-)

I don't think I should really have to say this but obviously this post will be beyond SPOILER-RIDDEN.

Also, please don't post threads about how you're still waiting to see the movie. We know. This is for the people who have already seen it(luckies!) and want to share the experience with us. If you want to commiserate about the wait, head over to the movie discussion post. ;-)
Tags: !movie review master post
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