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Purest of Pain

Title: Purest of Pain; Beautifully Broken
Author: phoenixprincesa (LJ); phnxprncss (FF.Net)
Characters/Pairings: JxA; Eventual ExB, EmxR – will be revised as the story goes on.
Rating: T/M
Spoilers: None; AH/AU
Family Ties: Jasper and Rose are twins and the step-siblings of Bella. Their mother married Charlie.
Emmet, Edward and Alice are siblings.
Summary: After a car accident takes their parents, Bella, Jasper and Rose must find a way lean on each other. Unfortunately, Bella’s tendency to hold on to pain brings about more heartache for everyone. With the help of the Cullen siblings, Jasper and Rose try and find a way to reach their sister before she takes herself away from them permanently. – will be revised as the story goes on.

A/N: This is my first fanfic ever so please try not to judge it too harshly. However, constructive criticism and suggestions are more than welcome. On a completely unrelated note, I’m sorry that I haven’t updated sooner. Life tends to get in the way sometimes and I’ve not been home much over the past few weeks. I’ll try to get down some sort of set schedule in the next week or so for updating, but I can’t make any promises. Rest assured that I will not abandon this story at any point and have it basically all plotted out in my head. Also, for those that asked me not to jump so much between POV’s, I’ve definitely taken your suggestion. I’ll try to keep it to just Edward & Bella’s POV, with the others coming in if/when necessary. For future reference, the “M” rating is for future chapters, and I hate to disappoint, but that doesn’t necessarily mean “future smut.” At this point, I don’t really think it would fit in with the story that is writing itself in my head.

Special thanks to my lovely Betas, off-the-deep-end, and of course, my wonderful and supportive Baby Sister.

I’d also like to note that anything in italics are flashbacks, dreams or thoughts.

~ phnxprncss

Prologue | C01: Running Home | C02: Beautifully Broken

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