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Teen Hollywood interviews Kristen Stewart

TeenHollywood: You're doing a movie with Nikki (Reed) that your mom is directing?

Kristen: Yeah. K-Eleven. It takes place in a dorm of the LA County Jail. It's like where you go if you can't be put into the general population. So its full of eccentric, crazy off-the-wall characters, and me and Nikki play two of them. Jason Mewes wakes up in this place and doesn't know where he is and tries to break out for two weeks. He tries to integrate himself into the community. It's a really sweet but really screwed up little family in there.

TeenHollywood: Did you vote since you're 18?

Kristen: (excited) Yes! I'm really fucking proud of it too!

TeenHollywood: Ever have that moment where you looked across the room and saw a guy and went, 'whoa, I'd like to meet him'?
Kristen: I'm just 18-years-old but I've never gone out with someone or been interested in anybody I ever thought was attractive when I first looked at them, not ever. It happens like a second later. Also, if they're not looking at me, I'm like 'pshh (who needs 'um?)'. When somebody looks at you a certain way, it's indescribable, especially if you're both doing it at the same time. But, I've never been the type of girl who has looked for this unattainable thing/guy who isn't aware of you. I've never been fixated on anything that wasn't fixated on me! (another laugh)
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