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Cullen Crest Jewelry can now be found at Borders and Hot Topic.

I've been on the prowl for the jewelry ever since I found out it was supposed to be sold in FYE and after visiting the store in my local mall for what seemed like the fifteenth time, I ended up in Borders and much to my surprise, they are selling the four pieces there! They also have posters, t-shirts and some of the fancy keychains that I've also seen in Hot Topic.

Each piece was $25 though, so definitely check out the links below if you have the means to order stuff online.

Image Hosted by
(Click to see a larger version)

Anyone else having a hard time deciding which one they might want to get? I was stuck between the bracelet and the wristcuff for a while but after seeing the necklace in person (Rosalie's - and it really is as honkingly huge and heavy as Reed described in the Twilight Tuesday video), I have a feeling I might end up getting two. But I haven't bought any other merchandise yet though so I don't feel so bad about it, haha.

And for those people without a Borders nearby, here are some of the other places I have found online to purchase the jewelry:

From NECA via Amazon for $20: (Rosalie and Esme's appear to have sold out, the price is so high for theirs because it's from a different vendor)

The jewelry can also be found on the NECA website for $15 each:

And UK fans can find the jewelry (including Carlisle's ring!) for £17.99 here:

ETA: candy_003 spotten Crest jewelry for $20 in her local Hot Topic as well.
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