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Fandango Interviews

I was buying my tickets online and I saw these interviews with the cast and Robert Pattinson. I looked through the interview tags, but I haven't seen this posted yet. But maybe you guys have seen it already?

Anyway, in case you haven't. . .

Here's the link to the cast interview. There are several movie clips and this one is labeled "Twilight Cast Interview".

Interviewer: "Stephanie, on her website, is telling people to bring paper bags to the movie."

Robert Pattinson: "Why? To throw up?"

Interviewer: "Nope. The audience might hyperventilate because of the chemistry."

Robert Pattinson: (Laughs)

Here's the link to the Interview with Robert Pattinson. It's transcribed into an article.

Fandango: Fans go crazy about your hair. Do you like it long or are you just dying to cut it?

Pattinson: I haven't changed my hair for, like, years. I've never really had a specific look in mind. It is what it is… [laughs.] I don't really style my hair. It's so funny, a friend of mine from London came over and said, “Why is everyone going on about your hair all the time?” Everyone has hair like that in London. And around the world you see people with hair like that, so I don't see it being different at all. As soon as people started saying “that's his trademark” I thought I should shave my head as his trademark. I'm trying to convince them to shave my head for the second movie.

Fandango: Seriously?

Pattinson: Yeah. [laughs]
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