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Weekly Promotions Roundup #28

Here is the promotions roundup post with all the new communities and websites submitted to us this week. If you'd like something promoted for next week, please leave a comment here. :)

pattinson_music -- Write Rob a note to include in his Sanity Package ~ due Friday!
twirock -- TwiRock or vampRock, is like Wizard rock for Harry Potter but for Twilight. It's all about the music, and Twilight, of course!
twi_fandumb -- A place to vent about the Twilight fandom in a civilized, orderly fashion. With some occasional lulz sprinkled on the top.

Websites -- Fansite with News, Cast Info, Pictures, Videos, Icons, Wallpapers.

Twilight and Rob Forum -- A new forum dedicated to all things Twilight and Rob.

Help Wanted
Co-mods request: I'm looking for co-mods for a new fansite dedicated to Robert Pattinson.
Looking for: // Pictures Poster - Someone with a good source of pictures - Is familiar with a Coppermine gallery. // Graphic Designers - Anyone with graphic skills that can make icons, wallpapers, banners or signatures for the site. (send proves of your work) // Still don't know if news posters will be needed but they can apply too. // Contact


pattinson_music is sending Rob an encouraging care package! Wish him the best and help him keep his sanity in this hectic promo time~ send your notes to and check out the comm for more details!


a place where we post about Twilight and music.
All things are go here, as long as they relate to those two things.

twi-rock bands? yes!
twilight soundtrack stuff? yes!
youTube videos of songs with twilight clips in them? yes!

If it's about Twilight and it's about music, we want to hear about it!


If you hate how the fandom is acting, hate how people are being disrespectful to the actors/people in general, then go ahead and complain right here. This is the comm for you! We accept fandom wank, rants, and just general anger. Feel the need to rant about how lame the fandom is acting but don't want to get harassed? Just join us over at twi_fandumb and let loose. Besides...we have cookies. And cake.


5. Twilight and Rob Forum

6. Co-mods Request

About the site: The site will be more likely to interact with other Robert fans, share fan meetings, fan videos, graphics and fan art, etc. We'll try to make it as fun and interesting as possible!

They can contact me to

Every co-mod would get a wordpress account, and access to the pictures gallery. They won't need to worry about the HTML boring stuff 'cause I'll take care of it.

Note: Any promo written in the first person is not from me. I just copy & paste what other members at lion_lamb submit.
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